Irish Politics


Same, but I don’t thin she will get the nomination. Its 4 local authorities or 20 TDs or Senators?


She could get 20 TDs. Pity she didn’t do this a month ago. Sinn Fein might not have decided to run their own candidate.


Very good point. I would love it if she got the chance to run.


She is an absolute space cadet even if she’s right about one or two things


Id take her any day over any of the other candidates and the little fibber in the park.


She’d Be impeached within a week if she carried on the way she’s talking. Why isn’t she running for the Dail? That’s what it sounds like she’s running for. She would achieve absolutely nothing of what she wants to achieve as President because she would have absolutely no power to achieve those things.

The Presidency is developing a real habit of attracting people who have no idea of the office.


A lot of them think its a US style presidency. The most you can do is speak out or delay signing a bill into law, but if that is cleared by the Supreme Court then the President is obliged to sign it even if they are opposed to it.

Its a pretty toothless position, anyone who has declared an interest in it so far seems to be on a bit of an ego trip as far as I can see.


Who is she?


Sean Gallagher thinking of going again :roll_eyes:


Since Dev every candidate has done this, ofcoure they know the limitations but want to say how they will do sonthing different. As I have said from the start and im glad you now agree, MDH should be left there. He is doing no harm and that’s the best you can expect from the role.


Sorry vin I was replying to Alan, not sure what happened


An investigative jernalist who broke a lot of the scandals in the Guards and got fired allegedly on the request of the Commissioner.


She will make a lot of people very nervous by even just announcing her candidacy. It also gives her an opportunity to broaden her audience on the items she has covered over the last few years.

Be nice to see a few people squirm.


Her tv debates could be fun.

She wrote an artificial in village recently about how the cover up and set up of Ian Bailey pointed suspension that a Guarda killed Sophie Toscan du Plantier.


Do you all think she could get the twenty votes of TD’s?


Only if SF support her and she is a bit unpredictable for that. She will get Wallace and that North side pain in the hoop anyway


Not a hope.

May well be staking out a claim for a Dail run.


Absolutely, most people do not realise that the office holds no power and is a ceremonial figure head. Robinson/mcaleese did not nothing spectacular apart from leaving the aras and talking to people who presidents up to that point had never engaged with.

Gamma ODoherty is running just to big up her profile. If she got the job she would be impeached within a day as every statement she would make has to approved by government.

Presidential race is no becoming a collection of headbangers.


She’s done some good stuff - and it seems clear she was sacked for doorstepping Matrin Callinan - but she’s is contrary in her own way - as is her right - but not as right-on as people might expect.

I think Robinson being voted in as the first woman to hold the office radicalised the process but hasn’t changed the actual position.


No doubt she’s a good journalist but the nonsense she’s coming out with this morning is ridiculous. Completely undermines her own cause.