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As a matter of interest… I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care because its just got to the stage where I feel they are all liars and bulshitters. I’d have a bit of respect for Peader Toibin because he has actively done a lot of stuff for the estate I live in but I dont support Sinn Fein. I haven’t benefitted form any government in the last ten years, has anybody thats in a certain pay scale?. I would have voted Labour traditionally but Alan Kellys performance and behaviour when he took over the role from the shitebag we sent to Europe and along with Pat Rabbites assertion that they all lie confirmed for me that Labour represented nothing I believe in now. What ever about the water charges and the right or wrongness their failure to stand up to the banks and Europe just left me disgusted and disenfranchised. I one of those effected by the Ulster Bank scandal and I can tell I’d nearly riot because three successive Irish governments have fucked over their own people. I’m not left wing and I’m not right wing, probably somewhere in the middle if anything. But there is very little to vote for. I like to see the fuckers squirm at election because for those small few weeks we have the power over them.



Less than 10 years after almost bankrupting the country over private gambling debts, these f**kers will be back in power.


Sure its their turn… hey Leo will I leave this over in the corner for when yer back? Yes Martin, do, feel free to help yourself.


Fair enough, cant argue with that really - just you love to put the boot in and we do need the least offensive/most competent ones running the show whatever we think of them. Who those are is a different story.


Yeah your right. Cant help putting the boot in. I didn’t think Varadker would make a good Taoseach and I think Im right on that. To stand up and say a house that costs 325k is an affordable home shows how out of touch he is. I’m fecking angry! These guys are only short of getting their arses wiped. I’m paying LPT. for what? someone anyone tell me what i am paying it for?


I’d move back to Dublin only the cost of rent is ridiculous, about twice what i’m paying here. Fooked if i’m giving away the bones of 2K a month on rent. the whole housing thing is a feckin disaster.


Solely the fault of FG.


Listening to that utter tool Simon Harris, it strikes me that an armed revolution would be a very good idea.


something very dislikeable about him for sure.


I used to like him to be honest but the health portfolio seems to have been too much for him


Harrus. Enough said. Regina Doherty… I fucking dispair.


The current Blueshirts are the most dislikeable shower of yokes that have ever been cobbled together in the Dail. Leo. Murphy. Pathkal. Simon. Richard. Other Richard.Regina. Kate. I’d run out of bullets. FF are generally dodgy but they are NEVER as hateful or nauseating as FG.


Ah count yourselves lucky, some of the comment on here would be deffo going to court here:laughing: in recent weeks the Spanish authorities have summoned loads of people to court for what they call “Crimes of hatred” maybe it is just by chance, but the only people receiving these summons are pro independence people. One example was on a radio programme one guy said there were supposedly rats on the ferries where the Spanish police were staying and a comedian on the programme jokingly said yep 10 k rats had come from all over Spain, referring to the police that had been sent here, he received a summons to appear in court a few days later.


Reminds me of Russia or China .
Don’t know how you put up with that shite .


Willie o dea
Thomas Byrne
Biffalo 2
Daragh obrien
Jack and Lisa chambers
Michael Martin
Pat the cope.



All horrible. Damien English, posh boy Murphy, Regina Doherty, brutal brothers, varadker. All horrible.


Bent Bertie & his corrupt pal ‘this country is living beyond its mean’ haughey. FG might be obnoxious but ff are effing gangsters.

Mary hannifin. Jaysus.


Lets not forget Frankie “elbows” Feighan, now a senator :thinking:


Who can forget this beaut from the bowels of FF ???


and his geebag of a daughter.