Irish Politics


I’m just sick of the weakest being hurt. It affects kids with disabilities and their families and I despise that. ‘People who get up early’ was an easy but unfortunate soundbite for Leo. Carers often get little sleep- but he didn’t mean them.


I hear ya but it’s not as easy as get the rich to pay more either. We are a very hard people to govern I think. Our regard for the common good is not high on anyone’s agenda.


What she brought about with regards to Mr obrien was of great service to the state. Shame all the soc dems seem to be about is repeal the 8th.


The have & the have nots unfortunately…


Not asking anyone who they vote for, but why do people in general tend to be shy about saying who they vote for? People seem to have no problem whatsoever calling the parties or politicians they don’t like this that and the other, but seem to fear revealing who they actually do like.
It is not just an Irish thing, I get the feeling it is universal. Does it come from a deep down fear of reprisals if the party of their choice or politicians of their choice does not win? Or a fear that neighbours or family might be annoyed over your choice so it is best to keep it quiet?



Probably best to keep it quiet for me at home & at work.
But for some people here the fact that I’m from Dublin makes it a cert that I must be anti-Unionist.
Which I am.


Touchy subject for some . If you declare who you vote for , that’s you labelled for life from what I can see . People have enough to be worrying about without that shite . They seem to wear it on their sleeves though in the UK & US .


I vote according to who I think will help put bread on the table for my family. Over the years I have voted for a Baker, a Brennan and in recent times all of Johnstone, Mooney & O’Brien.


I agree, but it does kind of make a mockery of what democracy is all about.


Zero time for Murphy and Boyd-Barrett, ran for office under made up parties and only campaign on what they are against because their own parties and policies are so toxic that no-one will vote for them,

Clare Daly at least copped herself on


Totally agree. Murphy is particular is a dose.


Agreed. Coppinger being up there with the worst of them


I’d take coppinger over any Fine Gael td.


Would you? What policy of hers would you be a fan of? You think she’s a better TD than say Simon Coveney?


Are you joking?


The Independent TDs have successfully fought water charges, exposed massive corruption in the Garda, NAMA, Siteserv and have been a clear and consistent voice for the homeless and disenfranchised. Millionaire Coveney and his chums have given us 5 regressive budgets, paid the banks having said they wouldn’t, ignored EU directives in relation to legal fees, refuse to tax huge multinationals and are fighting the EU over Apple and the fact that we are a tax haven. I rest my case m’lud.


Explain how we are refusing to tax multinationals?

We have to fight the EU on the Apple ruling as we want to maintain our own tax autonomy. In that case Apple didn’t receive any extra state help in the form of tax breaks that wasn’t available to anyone else and so shouldn’t be classed as State Aid


Careful lads, the pun police were out in force again deleting posts. It’s gas really!!!


Ah jaysis lads leave the multinational companies alone. I’ll be back on the scratcher if Leo gets any ideas. Although Trump is threatening us for a while now