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So David Drumm’s trial is expected to hear from almost 100 witnesses and could last up to five months. Will probably collapse after four, he will walk away as will our esteemed legal profession, massively enriched …


Don’t you know it. Wonder if destroyed documents from the OCE will affect this trial also.


Quite likely but let’s have it run for three or four months before we spring that particular baby.


exactly. bloody depressing.


Mary Lou new shinner president. They’ve surely got better than her


Pretty damaged if ya ask me over the McElduff brain dead act. She was made to look like a tit after he resigned. I would think Toibin or Pearse Doherty would of been better.


Her vocal delivery is deplorable. She tries to sound like what she’s not and comes off as sounding like she thinks we’re all idiots who need to be spoken to slowly. She wouldn’t be a bridge builder either.


He should have been thrown out over that.

Mary Lou’s long game has succeeded.


Agree, he should have been chucked right out on his ear. Though on Alans points, i can’t listen to her for more than 20 seconds without having to stick ma pencil in my ear to stop the pain.


Barry McElduff is an odd one. And not far from me in Aghagogan.

He’s posted a series of videos with items on his head…water, chocolate bar etc.

Even made a video of himself buying a chocolate bar from a vending machine beside the DUP office…as if he was on a spying mission.

Also sees himself as the class clown in Stormont.

For that reason I don’t think he set out to cause a storm - certainly no gain in it.

But the leadership should’ve seen that events would snowball. SF were blind-sided big time.


Pearse Doherty or Eoin O’Bron are serious performers in the dail. Mary Lou has a touch of the Eamon GIlmores about her. All she can do is hurl from the ditch and not particularly good at that either.


Agree. Big fan of Peader Toibin.


To be honest…McGuiness tried at reconciling with the DUP and got nowhere.

Even liberal Unionist commentators criticised them for not reciprocating.

I genuinely mean it that the only time I’ve saw the DUP act with manners is when govt was pulled down.

I’d say there are lot of DUP’ers wishing they could go back to when McGuiness was in charge.


I don’t buy the fact that it was coincidence with the Kingsmill bread on his noggin.


Neither do I.

And even if I did. He’s a bloody member of parliament. What kind of carry on was he at? The whole lot of them should stay the hell away from social media and have a bit of dignity.

Twitter is without a doubt that greatest scourge of the internet.


But who was he appealing to and what way could he have gained.

He had 41 other anniversaries to do it and didn’t.

At their party convention at the La Mon hotel a year ago, the DUP danced and sang ‘Arlene’s on fire’.

12 people were killed in a fire at the La Mon hotel following an IRA bomb in the 70s.

Co-incidences happen.

Despite that, I agree McElduff should’ve resigned.


Alternatively there were 364 other days he could have done it and he didn’t.

Makes him the unluckiest man in politics if he didn’t know what he was doing.


I agree. He’s an idiot.

But I’ve never picked up a Kingsmill loaf of bread and thought of the Kingsmill massacre…until now.

And I couldn’t have told you when that anniversary was…until now.

If McElduff meant it…he’d have absolutely nothing to gain from it.

If Republicans had sang ‘Gerry’s on Fire’ at the La Mon hotel…people would never have believed it was unintentional.

As I say, just for being so stupid he should’ve resigned. But not because I think he meant it.


If it was intentional he deserved the boot, full stop.

If it was unintentional he deserved the boot for being an idiot, on so many levels.