Irish Politics


Good Jaysis :joy:


another country where the far right is prospering, Italy has been largely left to carry the can of migrants traveling to Europe via Lybia


She don’t look like no brother to me …

… If she was Irish she’d be Georgie Moloney


Italy is a political basket case. Always was. Always will be. Anyone remember the Five Star Movement?

Even if they get in they’re unlikely to last too long.


Story of my life …


Indeed, it was so f****g C**p.

I wonder how many will get that reference.

But seriously, there has always been a fascist presence in modern Italian politics, they banned Mussolini’s part after the second world war but they just kept founding new parties and changing their name. Hell his Granddaughter is a current senator (and still a member of the far right).


She’s an MEP for Berlusconi’s party. Hardly far right in fairness. A tag that’s thrown around far too much in European politics.


I didn’t realise she switched parties again. Looking at her current stances she has definitely come in to the centre (and on some instances out to the left). But considering she formed one of her previous parties in protest at her then party leader condemning fascism, she does have a history of being on the far right.


Danny Healy Rea on Prime Time.

Arguing for special driving licensing arrangements for learners in rural areas i.e. Kerry.

Holy Jebus.


It really is quite incredible. And they sent TWO of them up to represent them. Gombeen politics at its worst.


Did you see one of those gombeens saying electric vehicles aren’t compatible with splashes of water. I shit you not.


He argued yesterday in a committee that electric vehicles can’t drive in the rain effectively. He’s a fucking idiot but a dangerous one because he has a say albeit small in how laws are formed in this country


Speaking of Danny

I’m glad he’s cleared this up once and foreall :joy:


No idiot. Fucker is making more money than all of us here together. Playing the system inside and out and coming back for second helpings.


No doubt about that but as thick a man as I’ve seen in public life. Knows how to play to his audience I guess


He trump’s any American politician for gobschitery


It’s all an act , ah very “cute” one at that . His constituency are as thick as shit , that’s the problem . And they lap up his nonsense.


They lap up the disproportionately high national investment they get as a result of the Healy-Raes’ deals with successive governments, more’s the point. They’re not thick as shit at all.


thick as in believing in noah’s ark, anti climate change, anti drink driving laws etc. They know exactly how to play the system and are brilliant politicians when it comes to funding for their area


Nothing brilliant about having the Govt by the bollox … just lucky.