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Them Ruskis don’t need our support, did yis not watch Peaky Blinders, I’m sure it’s very close to reality…


Just to clarify, BoJo was agreeing with the Hitler/Putin view expressed by a Labour MP.
I need to see a doctor… I cannot believe I have just defended BoJo.


“He believed such a moved by the House would represent a blurring of the lines between politics and the civil service.”




Putin will be shaking in his boots.




We never feared the Russians. Sure we never lost to them.


Think they bet us 3-2 at landsdowne in euro 2012 qualifiers


Never forget Honey Monsters display in Russia , up there with one of the greats . Could have lost 10 nil without him





Yes a fantastic display of heart and resilience by anyone individual. Would make the top 5 of Ireland’s individual performances in the last thirty years.


Paul McGrath v Italy too.


Paul McGrath on multiple occasions! Liam Brady Vs Russia in 1973.


Beaten 2-1 in Kiev in 1975 a few months after we beat them 3-0 in Dalymount in Brady’s debut.


Don Givens got a hat trick in October 1974.


I was joking. I meant we never lost to them in war. I know absolutely nothing about association football!


Fair play …


I’m beginning to rail against such comments!


It was coming down the tracks.