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This thread is going off the rails


If you Choo choose to think so.


Surely Dub09 has something in train?


Another platform for puns?


Ah the lads just letting of steam i’d get a real freight if I didn’t see any puns.


Indeed, Givens got two hat-tricks in back-to-back years then but it’s Brady’s all-round performance in that game that stood out according to multiple eye-witness accounts. I’ll try to dredge up one of Con Houlihan’s articles about it. In the soccerball threads of course…


It’s a hard aul station this job though, wha.


Paul Mc Grath v Bryan Robson, 27 years to the day, tomorrow. We beat England 1-1 at Wembley…

Shudda hammered them… Ray Houghton put a great chance wide, late on, from the edge of the box.
McGrath clobbered Robson early on near the half way line to let him know he was still around.


Had The Black Pearl gone to Villa at that stage?


I think he went around 88 or 89


Ah there you are Vincent


Jesus Christ Whataboutery. Waiting for Boyd Barrett and Murphy to engage in this as well


He has a point. Successive British Governments have failed to offer apologies for their (or their Security Forces’) involvement in lots of terrible acts.

Their current Secretary of State for International Trade (An office made up in the aftermath of Brexit, to enhance trade outside of the EU, post-Brexit) is Dr Liam Fox - a man clearly out of touch with Britain’s standing within the world and with its history.


Asking for the same accountability in the murder of your fellow countrymen isn’t whataboutery.


I never said there shouldn’t be accountability


We have no reasons to expel Russian diplomats. What has Russia ever done to Ireland? I am sure, that I read somewhere that government ministers were over in the USSR in the early years of this state. ESB, Bórd na Mona & other publicly owned companies were the inspiration of these visits.
How many British diplomats(spies) have been sent home from here? None as far as I know. The dogs in the street know there are plenty of spies in the british embassy.


Epic facepalm by Coveney.


Haven’t seen this discussed elsewhere. A part of the world where there will never be peace.


It’s been a while since Israel ‘mowed the lawn’ as they put it. Not easy, managing the largest prison on the planet. Lying, murderous child-killers. Watch for the lies in the press: ‘conflict’, ‘deadly border clash’, ‘U.N. urges restraint after Palestinian protests’, Clashes leave Palestinians dead’. Eh nope. Language is mangled and skewed. The passive voice is used. The Israeli army (defence forces…not) murdered 17 Palestinians…using bullets and tanks. There are not two sides to this story. These ‘soldiers’ are tough guys. It’s not easy to beat up schoolgirls or drive bulldozers over women.


You hit the nail on the head, Iomáint. Compare These atrocities with what went on is Salisbury?