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Salisbury is simply theatre to take the minds of the masses off other things! Obama, a ‘man of peace’ caused the deaths of thousands of people through ordering drone strikes. From the U.N.- not a murmur. A poisoning that cannot be linked unequivocally to Russia - suddenly we have an international incident. Meanwhile the Israelis indulge in a bit of Easter murder to shake off the cobwebs, while Leo is shocked by homelessness levels rising, as caused by his policies. I need a cup of tea!


I was in that country with work before. Had one or two instances with the “defence forces” once were we asked for directions after we were stopped at a check point and one of them took a handgun out and shouted at us that they are not tour guides, kept the gun by his side but still it shows their mentality. They had berated us for driving through the particular area and we asked for the way back to the main road. Another were our rented car was stoned by locals when we drove into an ultra orthadox Jewish neighbourhood during the Shabbat, it was like something from the land of the living dead, frightening experience.
Having said that I encountered many Israelis that were sound out, some of which I kept in contact with and would consider friends having worked with them for a year or so. But the hatred they have for the other side you can’t even imagine. It’s bread into them from the time every citizen spends in the army as is compulsory. A nation of trained killers should the opportunity present itself.
The flip side of that is there are some beautiful parts of that country. I can only imagine the tourism they could get if they could find a way to live in peace side by side. Food is amazing too.


Tweet: April Fools Day, the one day when you properly scrutinise things which seem outlandish or provocative.


Interesting stuff in the Sunday Times about what appears to be a big inside job data breach in INM.


Who would do such a thing?!


As it’s April Fool’s Day, if someone was to say something about Denis O Brien, could you get away with it due to the day that’s in it, or could he sue you? What about Paddy Jackson? (Silly question!)


Wouldn’t be chancing it


PJ or DOB ???




Heard tel aviv is great spot ???


I doubt anyone will start a SueMeDenis hashtag anytime soon.


That’s one threesom I will try to ignore.
Sounds like the name of a 1980’s UK mild porn film.


Where’s Bob and Carol?


That was the one.


Rita, Sue…


The film that immortalised the phrase ‘any chance of a jump!’


Actually a great film… what was the car he was driving a rover?



A while since I wrote on the Catalan issue, not that it is has dissappeared in fact it has been quite frenetic. Since the so called referendum the Spanish government has engaged in all kinds of tactics to stop the Catalans, but it appears they are digging a bigger hole for themselves all the time.
As most know the first reaction was to sack the entire Catalan government and stick political and social leaders in prision without bail. Next they called for an election , in which they allowed and even encouraged the exiled and imprisoned leaders to stand as candidates, but the plan did not quite work out as the pro independent paries got an overall majority. The next step was to challenge the legality of every proposed president and as per usual the Justice system backing them up so time are time different elected members of the parliment were refused the democratic right to become the president of the Catalan government, buit at the same time were allowed to go up as candidates in the election.
In the meantime some of the imprisoned politicians were released and others kept in, nobody really understood the criteria used. A euro order was put in place to arrest the four politicians in exile in Belgium, but it was withdrawn when it became clear that the belgiums were not going to refuse the charge of rebellion. The main argument by the judge was that he did not want to have trial where the imprisoned ones would be trialed for one thing and the extradited ones for a lesser crime so he would wait.
A few week ago the judge decided to put the politicains out on bail back in prison, why? nobody really knows as they had complied at all times with the conditions, the only difference was that there cases had now been processed, two leades decided not to appear in court and went to switzerland.
The Judge then reactivated the euro order while Puigdemont was in Finland and he was arrested on his way back to Belgium after crossing the German border, it is believed that Spanish intelligence tipped off the German police as they felt Germany would be more likely to accept the charges against him.
In the meantime one of the leaders in Belgium decided to return to Scotland where she had been working before. With the Euro order activated she gave herself up to the Scottish police and was releaed on Bail shortly after, the same happend to the two in Belgium, the euro order does not apply to Switzerland, but they made it clear that they don’t extradite for political motives.
Yesterday the Spanish government recieved a major blow, the Germany court ruled that the only thing they had comparable to rebellion was high treason and there was no way puigedemont could be charged with that as there was no trace of violence and he was released on bail, they are now asked for more details from Spain on the embezzlement charges, but either way it is a far less serious charge than rebellion.
So now we have a situation where 4 European countries have decided that there is no need to have these people in prison while waiting on trial, one , Germany has decided the charges are over the top while here we have 7 leaders in prison charged with a crime that holds a 30 year prison sentence .


Ehhhhh, run that by me again Stanley!..?