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Think we need a Tl,dr on this one !


Thry’re Some craic the Russians


So the Brits are telling the truth? You have as much evidence that they are, as they have that the Russkies did it!


Another front the Spanish have opened and it does not look too good internationally, is the arrest of whistleblower Herve Falciani. A few years ago while working in banks in Swittzerland Falciani disclosed secret documents revealing the names of people world wide that had used swiss banks for tax evation. he left Switzerland and the Swiss issued extradtion orders, but Spain refused the extradtion arguing that what he had done was not a crime under Spanish law. In the meantime Spain recovered 208 million euro using the documents revealed by Falciani, likewise the USA , France etc.
Apparently the trial goes ahead in Switzerland whether the accused is present or not, he finally got a 5 year sentence. The Swiss then sent another extradition order arguing that he had now been found guilty, but the Spanish never activated it.a few weeks ago two Catalan leaders fled to Switzerland and last Monday Falciani was arrested by the Spanish Police. Spain say they received an order for extradtion on March 19th, but the Swiss Government has said they issued no such order and that what had actually happened was the Spanish activated the order that was issued over a year ago.
I might be wrong, but it does look like the Spanish were looking for something in return for Falciani, but were trying to make it look like it was the Swiss that were taking advantage of the situation. It is hard to convince people here that there is a seperation of powers there when this kind of sh…te is going on. I mean, why activate the order if you have already said the crime does not exist in Spain? Why acitivate the order now when it was issued a year ago? Why say you recieved the order on the 19th of March 2018, when you recived no such order according to the Swiss?


I know you can’t trust the brits but putin basically said he would get these guys and he has form.


When did he say that? The Russians could kill you with a dishcloth. Why use a Russian nerve agent? They had nothing to gain. He was facing an election that he could not possibly lose!


Why wouldn’t he do it ? Putin is a thug of course he’d do it he doesn’t give a fùck.


Stalin knocked off millions with nothing to gain. Some people are just bastards. Turncoats have never been well treated in Russia. Not the first time they’ve tried to show people that if you betray the motherland then you won’t be safe anywhere.

Just ask Leon Trotsky


Yep. Georgi Markov is another and then more recently Litvenenko


A Russian acquaintance of mine was asked about the incident and without thinking, drawing breath or pausing for thought, immediately replied “that’s what happens to traitors”! It’s the done thing in the fatherland!


Has Merkel been up to this as well ?




Ah lads, it’s gender fluid parent land these days!


As I said, hearsay. No evidence.


In fairness, every country has its quirks.


There’s a good few, the Sunday Times had an article recently on it. Apparently they use Mercader as a slang word for assassins, named of course after the guy that got Trotsky.


We sure do!


That’s a sympathy like.


Ditto! Ya schmuck!


Whatever happened to
Leon Trotsky?
He got an ice pick
That made his ears burn