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Never knew you were a Kerryman.


Never knew you couldn’t read


… that you have seen. Motivation is one of the first things to be established in any murder (or attempted murder) investigation.


The Brits had motivation too!


Is Kerry not down the country anymore then?


Ah stop.


Britain and their western allies were responsible for Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and now is responsible for the ongoing war in Syria. Also after the collapse of the USSR they tried to destroy Russia too.
Russia was invited into Syria by the legitimate government. ISIS are nearly no more because of the Russians. Whereas if it was left to the west, Assad would most likely have fallen. If those radicals had taken control, Syria would be in a worse situation than Libya is in now.


Putting the West and Russia aside for a moment. “Legitimate Government” my arse. Assad is a dictator like his father before him.


I will say it one more time. You have absolutely not one shred of evidence that the Russians have killed any ex Russian spy in the U.K.- Litvinenko or Skripal.


Assad government is recognised by the United Nations as the only legitimate government in Syria.


It’s a dictatorship. Regardless of what the UN says or recognise he was elected neither freely or fairly.

No dictatorship or defacto dictatorship should be classed as a ‘Legitimate Government’


I see you get all your information from the mms, it might be news to you, but some of us look at news objectively.
Assads Syrian society is pluralistic, unlike the west allies, UAE, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia. Do any of these three even hold elections?


Where did I say any of those countries where ok ?

Assad is a brutal thug just like his father was. If you don’t believe that then there’s no point in continuing this discussion as it’ll only be going around in circles


You are not holding a discussion with me, you are giving your view, you do not take that the U.N. believe Assad to be the legitimate leader in Syria. Last time, Assads society is a pluralistic one, women are allowed education, western fashion and other untold every day normalities that western women have.
The western governments hate him because, Syria doesn’t toe the western line.


Not sure how the brits are to blame for Yugoslavia? Or Kosovo. Milosevic and Tudjman were responsible for starting that bloodbath. I all for blaming the Anglo Saxon normally but I think this one we can t blame them for.


It was the fall of the communist bloc that began all of these troubles. Britain, the USA exploited this to weaken the Russian federation. As they did in Ukraine with the coup 2014


So that makes the fact that it’s a dictatorship ok then christ…


There is so much in the media that is untrue. Yet people believe that ‘our’ media are honest while the others are propagandists.


Yugoslavia was not part of the soviet sphere of influence. The breakup began around 1980-81 and milosevic and tudjman saw an opportunity to further their career by reinventing themselves as nationalist strongmen. Again I fail to see how this is Britain’s fault.


So you tell us not to believe everything we read … yet you quote the express. The feckin express? One of the worst of the British tabloids. … Seriously!? It’s one step from a conspiracy rag. In fact it’s not even a whole step away.

Our press might have a western bias but they are not controlled by the state like Russian media sources are. Comparing the two shows naïveté in the extreme.

The brits are no angels but to think they would deploy a nerve agent in their own country is farcical.

Putin is sending a message. Russians the world over understand the message. The message is loud and clear. The denials are an absolute farce. You are falling for the Russian psyops hook, line & sinker.