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Hard to prove, yes, farcical I don’t think so. The brits were quite capable of shooting their own citizens in the street least we forget. For very many years they allowed nuclear waste to be pumped in their own territorial waters regardless of the health consequences to their own subjects and their neighbours. When it comes to Britain and its security forces bizarre is no impediment.


this is a classic example of whatabouttery. Entirely irellivent. So tell me what British agency do you think poisined this man and his daughter. Nearly killed a cop on the process and endangered hundreds of people?


I haven’t the evidence to say which part of the British security services is responsible nor have you the evidence to rule them out. I’m questioning your statement that it is “farcical” to accuse the brits. I gave a couple of examples to highlight the mentality your dealing with when it comes to the British state.


While I disagree with you, and firmly believe the Ruskies are responsible for this, I completely understand your opinion on the crown forces and fully agree with you. I trust neither team!


I never voiced an opinion as to whether the Russians were responsible or not. So on what point of mine do you disagree? . My point is, that it is not farcical to assume the brits capable of using chemical weapons in their own territory. As regards who is responsible for this recent attack, circumstantial evidence points to Russia, for me that’s insufficient.I have never been one to support a rush to condemn without due process, regardless of how compelling the evidence may seem. I would hope that history would teach people to act likewise, but unfortunately it’s seldom the case.


Ever hear of MI5/MI6. They do exist and not just in James Bond movies.
Both agencies have a long history of trying to destabilise other countries, alleged involvement in murder etc. when things get rough politically within Britain you can always be sure that one of two things will happen (1) a royal wedding (2) involvement in a war or falling out with another country. It ensures that the population rallies Behind the flag and HRH and puts the political problem out of their mind.
Your man was a double agent so it wouldn’t be strange that the two countries would have equal reason to want rid of him.


Ah, I was wondering why they were getting married…


Yea,a new definition of sleeper agent :roll_eyes:


Neither would be wreckless enough to use a nerve agent in a British city. Not a chance they signed off on such an attack.


Lots of shit doesn’t get ‘signed off on’.


So you’re suggesting a rouge element in mi5/6 got some Russian nerve agent and poisoned this guy and his daughter and risked the lives of British citizens … but not the Russians who have a long record of hits like this and who recently enough promised to kill traitors.

Okay they weren’t dumb enough to leave a radioactive trail all the way back to Russia this time but it has all the hallmarks of yet another brazen Russian hit. People would be denying The polonium hit was the Russians without that trail I suppose. Opsie.

I suppose 9-11 was an inside job and the moon landing were fake. Has anyone seen Obama’s birth cert anyway? :joy:


Freudian slip? You rogue you!

Just that while i agree it was most likely Putin’s henchmen, I just cannot trust the British secret service.


Like I say the brits are capable of many things. Using nerve toxin in one of their own cities would be more then crossing the rubicon.

The royal wedding as a cynical event to distract the public my favorite! :joy:


Johnny English seemed like a decent old chap.


Tayto, I wouldn’t have you down as someone willing to convict on circumstantial evidence. Why the rush to condemn without due process. You accuse others of being cynical, yet your repeating the argument that if not the brits then it was Russia. Is it impossible in the world of espionage that other countries could be a player in this. What makes us any different than the bad guys if we resort to the same methods as them. The evidence produced so far to condemn Russia is a lot less than the evidence the free state had to pursue Britain in the Dublin Monaghan bombings. (that is until the guards sent it over the border to British security). What a state will do in its national interest is limitless.


Coincidence that all his has happened since Roger Moore popped his clogs?! I think not …


Who, me? I’m not suggesting anything, just saying what may not be certainly the case that you’re suggesting.


That is just totally your opinion. You literally have no idea what they would and would not do.


True. It’s also my opinion that there’s no big fairy in the sky judging us for pulling the stomach out of ourselves but I can’t prove that either. :blush:


How ignorant to feel the need to ridicule people’s faith. I am offended by what you have posted, but as it is possibly your genuinely held opinion and a reflection of the person you are, it’s best to leave it up so as their is no confusion in future.