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So should freedom of speech apply only to what you don’t find offensive?


Here’s an odd question but hear me out on it. Has anyone here that’s on Facebook and has commented about hurling there noticed a lot of anti-abortion links appearing in their news feed? I ask because I have and posted about it on my own page. One of my friends (that I know through supporting the Dubs hurlers) replied that he’d been receiving the same and reported them. The response he got was that the advertisers were sending it to people who like hurling - seriously! Don’t quite get the hurling/anti-abortion link myself but there you go. Can we blame the Russians for this one too?


I’ve got loads as well. Happy enough to let them spend money targeting me as I won’t be changing my mind anyway

Probably a safe bet that only Irish people would comment on hurling


No, I expect people to express their honestly held opinion and if someone finds that offensive they have a right to express that too. How others react to the knowledge they have offended is dependant on their character likewise it equally applies to the offended party too.


No, it’s the Bible bashers this time.:joy:

Could be assuming GAA people are more conservative,


Or possibly the gaa is a family orientated organisation. Making the link between being pro family and anti abortion might not be beyond the realms of some people’s thinking.


Hurling folk, ha!


Plenty of people are pro family and pro choice


You can choose your friends…


Pro-football and pro-hurling??


I suppose it’s all in the definition. Also how people define themselves or see themselves may have little or no resemblance to reality.


There would be several much more accurate indicators of being of the anti-abortion persuasion. Age, location, degree of religious adherence and where somebody would stand on the liberal/conservative spectrum among them. All can be ascertained by data analytics of social media posts.

FWIW and despite what the opinion polls say, I believe the number of people who are genuinely undecided which way they’ll be voting is negligible. I think people are either pro-choice or anti-abortion by persuasion. All either side is going to achieve is to get their vote out. It’ll be a very close run thing IMO.


I think it will actually be a no. There will be a large urban rural divide too.


If it is a No, I will be blaming Cambridge Analytica! I wonder could the Iona Institute kill someone on the Yes side with a gun that is only made in Russia, to make things more interesting? Should culchies even have a vote?


Some of the anti abortion posters on the lamp posts are in dreadfully poor taste. My 8 year old was full of questions this morning on the way to school and was more than disturbed by the message in the poster.


I would very much agree.


I’m inclined to agree. I think there’s a fair chunk of people who are saying nothing and will vote no. This is a subject that goes way beyond religion for a lot of Irish people. That seems to me to be something at least some parts of the pro choice side is not seeing


And while URoy is right that political persuasion is an indicator it doesn’t always follow that way, I know a lot of people considered left/ liberal that are undecided for various reasons.

A poll on here (if such things are done these days?) would be interesting.


I spoke to someone last week who said they were voting no and I have to say I was pretty gobsmacked. It is an issue that goes right to the core of a person’s very own being and that alone makes it very difficult to call.


I think it’s going to be very close and I also feel there will be a massive divide in age too with the older generation voting No.