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I thought there would be an obvious age divide too and then I saw pictures of a No march in town and I was stunned at the amount of young people there.

There’s just no knowing the way anyone will vote unless you know them well and have discussed it with them.


There’s the lunatic element that will march at the front of the ‘no vote’ that used to be known as youth defence. I absolutely think the age divide will be the decisive factor. It will depend if the young voters come out in force, as the older voters definitely will. The religious 50+ core will be there in 90% + I’d imagine.

Youth defence… My Jeysus! Bananas.


I see the Russians are now denying the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria. No evidence apparently. Other then the footage of course. Let me guess, it was mi5 wot did it.


I think the Yes side need to just stick to facts and science. The anti side have been caught out a good few times already with misleading information and/or straight up lies. I think it may be relatively close but I think it will be repealed by 55% to 45%


No… Mossad.


Of course! … but the russians are saying there’s no evidence of any chemical attack. They need to get their stock denial aligned.


Ah, I was joking… But the Israel/Palestine situation is the elephant in the room here. Iran wants a strong foothold in Syria via Assad. We all know what Iran’s position is on Israel. Israel’s settlements policy only makes the situation worse.
As usual, it’s terrible that innocent civilians in Syria (and Yemen) are, yet again, bearing the brunt of a proxy war between the USA and Russia.
Again, I must emphasise, that colonialism by Western and Northern European regal forces in the 18th and 19th centuries is the root of what is going in here. The worst involved were the French and the British.


The root cause of a lot of the trouble in africa also.




What was that lunatic aul wan from north county Dublin?




Him and his fishnets and rollers.


And they have the gall to lecture people.


The first person to order the use of chemical weapons in that part of the world was a cheeky chappie by the name of Winston Churchill! As it happens, it was against civilians.


Another glorious chapter in the UK’s 20th Century history that Dr Liam Fox conveniently disregards.


America and Russia have failed to meet any compromise at UN regarding chemical attack in Syria. Worse still the dynamic between the 2 super powers is increasingly aggressive and confrontational. America seems to be prepared along with its allies uk, France, Germany among others to face down Russian warnings of its opposition to military action, with Russia stating “If you take the decision to carry out an illegal military adventure – and we do hope that you will come to your senses – then you will have to bear responsibility for it yourselves.”
Tonight / this morning military hardware belonging to both super powers and their allies are being manoeuvred around and into the region in preparedness for conflict.
This is possibly the most volatile and potentially dangerous situation since the Cuban missile crises a deescalation is required immediately, let’s hope this is as bad as it gets and common sense prevails.


This is sad reading

Hume by far the greatest Irish politician of the 2nd half of the 20th Century IMO


Heartbreaking stuff. Excellent politician and courageous man.


How we could do with someone like him now North and South


John Hume, humility personified.