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A towering figure. A pity he’s not nearly as celebrated as those with blood on their hands.


More’s the point it that it’s a pity he (and others) weren’t listened to when fronting up on Civil Rights in the 1960’s. If London and Belfast had engaged properly with the likes of John Hume, a lot of lives may have been saved. That he wasn’t entertained led to people taking alternative routes to (try to) achieve their goals.


A remarkable man, and it’s very sad to see how things have ended up.

I do think the SDLP would still be banging their heads against the unionist wall however, that ultimately their approach would not work.

Takes nothing away from the man, or his efforts. He was also roundly abused for meeting with Adams (effectively the IRA) by those now grubbily trying to attach themselves to fruit of that work.


The progressive people on both sides who took the gigantic first steps were ultimately cast aside at the ballot box …


Speaking of which

If I’m not mistaken the Shinners never had any hands on dealing with this did they


Not in any great way. Although the way Sinn Fein tell it these days that the Troubles was all about civil rights and equality.


They were very hands-on …


That is a simplistic and trite comment. John Hume was a legend, did great things and should be far more widely praised than he is. Who are the men with blood on their hands who are bring excessively revered? Martin McGuinness? A hero in many people’s eyes. Bobby Sands and the hunger strikers? They gave their lives for Irish freedom. Without the many armed insurrections, going back many years, we would still be part of the empire. Revisionism is simple when you were never in the firing line.


All we are saaaayyyinnnnng…


We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I don’t like people who kill people. Any people who kill people,


Lovely. So you can enjoy the fruits of their killing while maintaining pristine hands and a clean conscience. If people hadn’t killed other people, there would be swastikas flying above the G.P.O. and you would be jailed for maintaining your opinions. We can agree to disagree alright. I’m able to defend my position. I challenge you to defend yours.


No thanks.


QED. You can’t.


They would never have allowed a laundry there.


Yes. You win. Well done.


It was easy really.


Well when there’s no actual fight…


The underground would have been built years ago and Na Fianna would be safe- for soccer and athletic pursuits befitting the Reich!



You said something silly that you cannot defend. No need to fight.