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No I didn’t. I’m just not bothered arguing. Some people cannot be argued with. So enjoy whatever victory you think you’ve won.


Again. Bluff. You said you did not like killing. I suggested that it was unavoidable and that you were benefiting from killing done by others. You folded your tent and handed in your chips. End of.


Johnny cooper would of been a fan favorite… tall… blonde…


So IRA killing was unavoidable, and is comparable to WWII?


He’d be Johann Kuper now.


Ah Jonny - A master of the Arian Teutonic type species. Though when fouled some here would no doubt roar ‘Raus! Raus!’ at him …


Are we approaching Godwin’s Law?


No - it’s his daughter’s husband so more likely Godwin’s son in law.


The argument I would have made but, as I pointed out, there’s tines when it’s just pointless. Bringing the Nazis into it is always a sign you’re struggling.


Just because someone can’t be bothered debating doesn’t mean you won the debate :blush:


Unfortunately people have been killing each other since time began, depending on which side you are on this killing is considered terrorism or legitimate use of force. But the sad part is that those that try to use peaceful means seldom get much attention, in the case of Ireland, I have serious doubts if things would have progressed in the way they did had it not been for the use of violence, that does not mean I agree with it, it is just the way I see it.


Gerald Kean, celebrity lawyer scumbag, is at the McCabe tribunal. Some of his stuff is extraordinary.


An obnoxious personification of the celtic tiger years.


Twaddle. How am I struggling? You can’t make a case for pacifism in the face of violence. If you could, you would have. If the Irish had not fought and killed people, we would never have achieved independence. You love the independence, just not the nasty killer-types who made it possible for you. Was Padraig Pearse a freedom fighter or a terrorist? Etc


I remember reading a book by Tim Pat Coogan on the easter rising. He goes into the view people at the time had on the IRA men. He said the majority of citizens seen them as terrorists and fantasists. Alot of people didnt agree with what they did, citizens died and peoples children among them. The opinion of the way the fighting was carried out in the next 6 years was even lower. Without guerrilla warfare tactics we would still be under british rule (not a bad thing if your Bob Geldof). It was only after the treaty that people began to look at these guys as heroes.


There were thousands of British citizens living in Dublin at that time - a lot of public servants etc. A lot of GPO employees would have been English too.


As a former colleague of mine used to say…

“What’s the difference between a soldier and a terrorist? The soldier has a bigger gun.”

There’s a large modicum of truth to this in the run up to and duration of any war of independence.


Nelson Mandela entered prison dubbed a terrorist by the powers that be, and emerged a freedom fighter! Yes killing is horrible and should not happen. However there are bad people out there and sometimes we have no option. Kill or be killed.


And sometimes there is an option. Sometimes killing is a choice that is justified as being not a choice.


Is this a joke ?