Irish Politics


At this stage the council is an embarrassment. Councils in Ireland are supposed to deal with local government issues. This shower seem to think their role is to involve themselves in geopolitical issues that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Flying flags, arguing over the freedom of the city. Attending conferences in bloody Palestine? What the hell has that to do with local government in Dublin?

Ridiculous student politics.

Our current embarrassing Lord Mayor is in for a bit of a grilling on his way out of Israel me thinks.


I remember you talking about them before but I wasn’t aware of the details . But after this , I’d have to agree . Absolutely no reason for them getting involved in this . And bringing Hewlett Packard into it too . Wtf .


How dare the council! Highlighting the Israelis doing lots of KILLING! Are you not conflicted Alan? The council’s job is the parks so they shouldn’t take a stance on anything? Having a political view is only for students? You know the way you don’t like killing? You don’t decry Israel for killing but you have a pop at the council for taking a stance on it. Lovely!!


It is the national government’s job to speak for the people of Ireland. Not TD wannabes grandstanding instead of serving the people they were elected to serve. That’s the problem in this country. TDs fixing potholes while councils are making fools of themselves on the world stage.

And as you’ve no idea about my opinions on Israel it might be a good idea to stop presuming as much as you do. It’s on of the reasons I’ve no interest in debating you.


I personally think ‘the problem in this country’ is possibly the health service, or housing, or inequality or the effects of technology on the young. But you are entitled to your opinion. Also, I was not presuming to know about your opinion on Israel. I was looking for consistency in your dislike of KILLING, as the Israelis are rather partial to a spot of murder. But enough! It’s not personal and I’m not trying to piss you off. We need less politics and more hurling. I blame the weather!


Too many damn council and councilors in this country. All taking a fecking cut of the public purse. Don’t see how this is their remit.

The health service is very functional in a lot of places. All you ever hear are the bad stories.


Didn’t The Corpo get involved over the Sarf African sanctions back in the day?


An army opening fire on unarmed protesters, now where have we seen that before?

We couldnt even speak up or defend our own never mind a country in the middle east.



Ridiculous to bring HP into considering HP have all but left Ireland. Contract manufacturers and call centre is all that’s left in Leixlip. They don’t manufacture a thing themselves in Ireland anymore. Pointless virtue signalling by a committee of jobsworths


I could understand if the government came out with an accusation like that , but the DCC , talking way above its station here .


Putin’s mob at it again


Russian journalists and dissidents seem to be a fairly clumsy bunch constantly falling out of windows or shooting themselves several times in the head :thinking:


Quite like the odd British scientist in the past.


Mad story in the Sunday Times yesterday, turns out the lord mayor played a young Marty Feldman in a movie years ago.


Conveniently selective too. Other companies with large operations in Ireland have contracts with the IDF or Isreali companies in the Occupied Territories, including AIG and Microsoft. Might the failure to condemn them too have anything to do with the number of voters living in the DCC electoral area that are employed by them perchance?

There are approximately 4,000 homeless people in the DCC area. You can walk from Parnell Square to Stephen’s Green quicker than the LUAS can do it at rush hour. Practically every business in the City Centre (and every disability group in the country) is opposed to the proposal to pedestrianize Dame Street, which nobody but the Council seems to want. Don’t get me started on the Clontarf sea wall, modified at great expense (of taxpayers’ money of course) to make it non-flood proof. Coordinating or contributing to a solution to all of these is within the Council’s remit. That’s literally what they’re paid to do. Fix your own city before you go about saving the world.


They’re starting to build walls in cork city, going to ruin the old quays and look of the entire city, for concrete blocks that won’t even stop flooding.

Dutch experts say it’s an outdated solution and that a tidal barrier would work better, cost less and wouldn’t be anything like as disruptive… but the opw are carrying on with their ‘plan”. :roll_eyes:


Is that to keep Kerry people out?


If only … nah, the kerry lads are some of the best in cork, they’re a lot quieter about the ol’football then when i first moved down.


Or to keep the Cork people in :thinking::crossed_fingers: