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You are.


I know someone who socialises in Myers company and they would attest that his opinion in private is as it is in public and not jazzed up for sensation or such like.


Fair enough :+1:


I totallly agree ( and I’m not going to substantiate it).


Why because Obama shook things up and Yeltsin was an original thinker, not to be taken as an endorsement by me of trump & Putin.


Are you tryong to do a Myers on this arguement.


Most certainly not.


Good to have echo chamber challenging journalism but below is typical Myers. If he was as smart as he thinks, he’d mask his anti semitic & misogynist views a little better but the dopey sod lets the mask slip all too often these days.


Good to know he’s full of shit in private also, does he also carry the same superior tone then also? I bet he does.


GAA lads, GAA.

The worst thing about Myers is he is a West Brit black and tan sympathiser. Probably attends the Orange lodge in Dublin like Iomaint above.


If that’s what Frank Fitzgibbon allows to be published in the ST I’d hat to see what ends up in the rejected bin. You do have to wonder, if Myers gets the heave-ho for writing it, why Fitzgibbon gets a pass for publishing it. Surely an equally grave sin.


You back smoking the good stuff out the back of Harrys again?

Keep the ‘shower of pussies’ comment to your club mates :joy::kissing_heart:


You must love everyone on this website . We are all contrary gits


You know welI was joking! You’re just being contrary now!


Speak for yourself!


He had quite day yesterday.

While the storm was brewing - an article on women, Jews, Jewish women, gender & the pay gap, via social media (he’ll fucking love that), brilliant - he was revelling in a revisionist’s wonderland with the arch-revisionists Eoghan Harris and Ruth Dudly Edwards at what was dubbed the West Brit history fest.

I thoroughly dislike his style - reminds me of a teenager making a point of being difficult, or contrary, for the sake of it - but I would read his articles. Both to pick up a new word, he’s a great man for throwing in strange words where they are not needed, and to see how far into an article he can get on say the declining stocks of blue tuna before he arrives back in the GPO in 1916.

Also thoroughly dislike his fascination with the British army. Kid’s stuff, and entirely hypocritical when he spouts on about the IRA or similar.


Didn’t the Phoenix magazine refer to him as Kevin Myass?


not just them it seems


This is brilliant. How to write GAA Articles like Jim McGuiness