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If he was really anxious about maximising potential Dublin players then have three Dublin teams, all drawn from the entire county, in the league.


I’m really worried about all those poor Chinese lads who don’t get to play for China’s soccer team, I propose splitting them into 165 teams.


Great idea. While we are at I’m really worried about the overweight 40 years old who never got to play for Dublin can we have a team for them?


Would they be Northside or Softside lardarses?


We do . They all post on this forum


Is that the northside cabal or the southside cabal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Is it the 2000’s cabal or the 2010’s cabal?



Ahh noo, noo, noooo! We are definitely doomed now. They’ve finally discovered the only way to get to us is by giving real credit and going on a ‘genuine’ love-bombing exercise


Res Dubs Northside v Res Dubs Southside.
Charity game.
Should be no shortage of coaches on the line, :wink:


Too many chiefs but not enough Indians!


Putting my name forward for commentator.
Calling the play using Ressers usernames would be some craic.


I can be ref as i dont live in dublin anymore. I can be the Northside Joe.


Your have some sport commentating about me :joy::joy:


Can you scrap the charity and just keep the cash, Gooch Cooper style…

Or I’ll tell ye what… why don’t we say it’s for charity but not be clear on how much is going to charity… but then when we’re pushed on it say that roughly over 50% is going to charity… and then when we get fed up with questions just say… it’s not a charity event…


Nah. we’re putting you in charge of doing the post match interviews. :rofl:


As I have said previously , thats where I got my username name from :blush::blush:
He says it 4 times there I think .That interview always stuck with me after the one he gave when we lost to Cork in '10 .He was gutted that day .


“Unbelievable belief shown by Unbelievable scoring that point from that angle & distance”

“Unbelievable Jeff”