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That last comment really sounded a bun note.


You’ve really burgered up this thread…


My head is fried with all this!


We can’t do one single of chips I mean thread without buns ffs puns battering the discussion.



Another good bit carried by IT today …


Is he losing the plot a bit or just misquoted?




I am not totally mad about some of these threads that seem to go off on tangents about what bad things people are saying about Dublin. I just reckon if you want to find something bad said about you, it generally isn’t hard to find in any walk of life, especially so in this on-line era.

But… this is genuinely funny, or worrying, depending on your point of view. I like Micky Harte generally speaking, but I do think he needs to tone the persecution complex a bit. This is his take on the Dublin goal in the AI semi (which he attributes the whole loss to).
_Into the hands of Philly McMahon who kicks it to the man [Con O’Callaghan] who is supposed to be marking Paudie Hampsey. Because he is number 11.
_“And if the number six goes forward and the 11 watches him go, well, I don’t think that’s good practice. So he should have been after Hampsey!..“Now, he got it in a way I wouldn’t like – by not being an honest broker and going after the man he should have done! That’s neither here nor there. But that changed the entire tenor of that game.’

So Con is actually at fault for scoring the goal! Apart from the whole notion of the thing being nonsensical, at that point in the game I thought Con had rotated away from the Half Forward line and was actually being marked by McNamee.

Full link here -


That’s bizarre!

I hope Con is suitably remorseful over his dereliction of defensive duties and that Jim Gavin takes him away for reprogramming to play exactly as MH would expect.


That explains why con didn’t get an award off RTÉ for sports person of the year.


That is some interpretation of the play alright . Don’t know what to make of that at all :upside_down_face:


Can’t ever over-state the admiration I have for MH.
An immensely amazing human being, who has held great grace in some of the awful things that has happened in his life. A genuine gentleman.

I have hated his teams over the years and especially some of his players. But MH, as a man, I hold in the highest regard.

I also hold his footballing prowess in the highest regard. An inventor and a designer who did what it took to change the football landscape. A bit of a Heffo about him really.

A great and genuinely lovely man!


Ha, that’s bonkers.


Is he great then? Come on, stop sitting on the fence.

In response to the piece in the article, that’s just one of the funniest things I’ve ever read about a top level GAA match. MH is actually shouting “hatcher!!” about Con O’C. :laughing:


MH teams were always full of ‘honest brokers’ alright. That is quite bizarre from a man who’s players could pop up anywhere in the 08 team. Joe McMahon must’ve been hammered by MH for scoring a goal that wet night in Croker.

I share a lot of what Rochey says about him but MH teams brought a fair bit of nastiness with them … which he at best turned a blind eye to.

I think he’s out of touch with the modern game tbh and damaging Tyrone at this stage.


stupid quote from Harte- his team was dismantled tactically and skilfully for the whole game - the goal was just one incident in a hammering


I do agree - but that is a mental assessment of a match!


Yes, his assessment of that game was a bit wild, but then, that’s what he wants us to hear… Next time we face them, he will have full cognisance of what we beat them by. He’s a very clever man. His media face is most different to the one he holds closely!


MH has great wit. He was having a laugh, and saying nothing. And it was funny, I haven’t heard ‘hatcher’ since I was a kid.