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I have a picture in my head of De bomber at that civic reception with the sam hoisted over his head screaming " see this , see this, this canister is rightfully ours by birthright.Those jackeen bastards are only minding it for us .Crowd goes mental , bomber then drops sam putting a huge dent in it …
Crowd goes deadly silent.


It’s amazing how quickly time flies by . They had a five year spell without winning it & are facing into another 4 year spell this year . That’s ONE AI in the last 9 years. I’d be getting the itch if I was waiting to win it next year if we don’t do the 4inarow.





Did anyone think it would be any different?

Not a single club championship game will be played in the whole of Ulster in April.

Of the 31 club football championships and 13 hurling championships (44 in total) 25 will have no game at all and 7 will see just one game played per code.

I think GAA democracy might just be dead.


I honestly didn’t think it’d be this bad.


Would the weather and Easter not be a big factor


This didn’t just happen. It was planned well in advance. There are five weekends in April if you include last weekend.

I did think it would be this bad. The county manager now runs the GAA. It’s finally official.


I suspected it might, but the eternal optimist in me held out hope.


I am not optimistic about anything in relation to the GAA and clubs any more


Sligo, Wicklow, Antrim is very hard to believe


Why? What makes their managers different to anyone else’s?


Not so much their manager more their championship potential. I would expect for those counties progress in the national league should be their focus and championship not so much.


Won’t be many pitches operating this weekend for matches and as for training pitches forget about it.


No, as mayo and Kerry said over the winter that they wouldn’t be doing it, didn’t Kerry just postpone their entire championship till September?

The only way to force this is to move the all Ireland club finals to before Christmas.


There’ll be plenty of county training this weekend in many counties. You don’t have to worry about weather indoors or in all weather pitches. In fact they’ll get an extra session in with club league games being postponed.

The whole thing is an absolute disgrace. But Duffy and O Fearghail ‘there won’t be any extra county games or erosion of club fixtures under my watch’ have sailed off into the sunset, the damage already done.


So who do you blame the County Boards or Croke Park HQ?


Very inportant to get more training in yea :roll_eyes:


Was GAA democracy ever alive? A myth if you ask me. The refusal to reveal voting preferences cemented that view.


I suppose the point about most of those counties is that they know they will likely be finished with the inter county championships by the end of June. That gives them plenty of time to play their club championships. It’s the counties who hope to make it all the way that need to get in a couple of rounds of the club championship early.