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Both. County Boards cannot be trusted yet Croke Park change the rules without any model of enforcement.



Both equally to blame. Croke for letting it happen and not stepping in as all they cared about was the money. And county boards for not having the balls to stand up to managers.


You would think so, till you hear of things like the waterford football final being played at the arse end of October.


A lot of that is due to their hurling championship affecting it I think


We are going off the edge of a cliff. This goes to the core of the GAA. I’m not surprised but very worried. This puts the Vision 2034 into context.


Vision 2034 will go nowhere … current men not going to be tied up for next 15 years in things that aren’t theirs


there are always excuses - here we had the senior football championship held up because some clubs had lads in the under 21 hurling county panel. I think that was the year that the football final was held so late tipp didnt put in a team into the munster (or it might not have been) but for sure if there is a reason why a “subordinate” sport, be it hurling or football, can be held up, it will be.


Are you just looking for a reason to be upset and to attack the inter county manager? Are you judging other counties on Dublin’s games programme? When in fact most other counties don’t compare with us, or indeed any of the other bigger counties, when it comes to dual codes, number of clubs or number of teams etc.

Look behind the Irish Times chart and you will find that in most counties priority is being given this April to league fixtures with inter county players available to their clubs at this time of year for the first time in years. That, whether you like it or not, is a fact!

Look also and you will see that many of the counties who are not playing championship now, and they were never expected to!, are not playing because unlike Dublin, they will have plenty of time to do so in the summer and autumn. They Are, for the most part, one code counties who know they will be out of inter county championship by the end of June or early July with a max’ of 8 teams in their championships. They don’t need to play championship at this time of the year and are doing no more than saving the best until last.


That’s lovely waffly committee-speak. We are on target and if we’re not, it is not our fault. Pure P.R. The map doesn’t lie. The GAA has moved miles from being respectful of club players. (Btw, It has also also decided to push on with the big 8 teams, on the road to professionalism). Why should over 98% of club players be more and more disenfranchised to suit committee people and finance officers? If they couldn’t even box off April, then that’s that.


So you reckon there’s no issue with inter county managers and the fact that it suits them down to the ground that clubs are only playing league games is an accident of the calendar? You reckon there’ll be no county training in any of these counties this month in between club games?

Fair enough.


I think you’re missing the point. Far be from me to put words in AOCs mouth, but the point he’s making is that it’s a sad state of affairs that such a concerted effort has to go into freeing up players to THEIR OWN CLUBS for just one month of the year. And clubs apparently should be grateful for this.
The distinction between club and county players is now huge and both Croke Park and the various county boards should be ashamed of themselves for letting that culture grow and exist.




Would think the percentage of counties and by connection club players impacted by inter county championship is well in the minority.

Some people here who have unrelenting chip on their shoulder(s) simply ignore that fact so that they can continuously gripe about inter county managers and the Gaa in general. It’s bloidy tedious at this point.


That has got to be a contender for Hilarious but Absolutely Untrue Post of the Year. Sadly, you meant it.


Ignore what fact? Did you state a fact?


The one re percentage of players & counties impacted. The one yourself and your cabal seem to struggle so much with :upside_down_face:


Are you drunk or on the wind up?

For arguments sake, if there was no inter county competitions do you think the club championships would have the same structure and timings?


You began your post with “Would think”.

Since when did thinking something make it a fact?




And if my auntie had a pair…! The inter county world exists and will continue to exist. The impact on club scene varies from county to county. It’s minimal on Summer Championship in most counties ie there’s sufficient time to play it during the Summer months. How would it involve me being drunk to express that opinion?