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Sorry teacher I should have used term such as view / observation / opinion / extrapolation!! Very remiss of me to use the word ‘fact’ when disagreeing with your good self :blush:

Cabal? As in avid disciples of particular views & ways of thinking! That’s me again extrapolateing befire you throw the Oxford dictionary at me!


Indeed. If you want to be taken seriously you should explain yourself clearly.

And even then…


Ah jaysus Alan I have different point of view on some topics to yourself. Agree on others. It’s what makes the world go around :grinning:

For what it’s worth I fully accept in some counties club players are treated abysmally! Don’t think Dublin is the worst by a long stretch.


Dublin is not that bad. But it’s not perfect either. And I’m talking in general terms, not just Dublin.


Can you answer the question?


Yeah… You and Bart. Ha.


If there was no inter county competitions…? Yes of course the club structure etc would be different.

What’s the point of your question as there always has been inter county and there always will be? The two have to co-exist in a world where there are 32 semi independent county boards with different ways of handling the competing and at times conflicting interests of both. Some do better than others at managing that very obviously. That much we do agree on I’m sure!


The point of my question is that you said (indeed tried to put it across as a fact) that the inter county competitions have minimal impact on club championships.

Based on your latest response above, I now take it you realise that was incorrect. The club championships revolve around the county ones is the reality.


Nope not what I said. I’ve stated that there is different setup across different counties for club and inter county competitions. Many are not overly / adversely affected by inter county. Some I’d fully agree are affected with county boards & county managers treating the club competitions very poorly.

My ‘fact’ was that there are more counties who are not badly affected. To a large extent as Board Delegate said earlier because majority of counties are out of the championship by end June / early July at latest. In that scenario the clubs in those counties have July to Dec without any impact from inter county.

Situation not helped by having 32 semi autonomous county boards. The GAA at times is too democratic for its own good.


i think it would be fairer to say that given the number of weekends available between april and October there should be no problems in having club championships run off alongside the intercounty. The problem is that IC managers/county boards will not release players back to clubs and clubs will not play without their best. (intercounty) players. If you get rid of one of these blockages the situation resolves itself.

Untill you get to the same craic with dual players, players in different age grages, dual playes in different age grades…


Dublin’s success deserves to be lauded in more than the Ha’penny place (via @IrishTimes)


Some great murals around Croker be great if something similar went up on the way up the Quays.The banner on the ha’penny bridge isnt the greatest in fairness.


It’s an eyesore and poorly designed. Less is more. Be wonderful to see murals of Dublin greats around the city.


Or stuff named after them.

Heffo’s name was put forward for the new bridge for the Luas but he wasn’t dead long enough apparently :roll_eyes:


How about the port tunnel. Goes under Marino so at least some connection with Heffo?


Was taken down earlier apparently. I don’t think all of the complaints were grounded in civic-mindedness, would say quite a lot of it was spiteful nonsense which is rather pathetic when you consider everything else going on in the city. One fucking tube tweeted about a submitting an FOI to see if the planning laws were applied. Jesus wept,

I do think the council should light up buildings as with the conference centre, that always looks great along the quays in the run up to a final.


Rules were framed to exclude him, the pinkos were hell bent on having a bridge named after a woman, preferably one who they had a claim on. Make them feel all smug and self satisfied


Jesus lads be quiet!!! Remember the last time a heffo memorial came up and we had a visitor telling us all to shut our mouths!!

Btw the Dublin gaa banter page is in full meltdown tonight, members of mannix Flynn’s family are on it.


Still baffles me. In any other county there’d either be a statue or something named (street, bridge etc…) after someone like Heffo. Doesn’t have to be anything huge necessarily just an acknowledgement of the great man


Heffo’s family are very private and quiet type. They weren’t in favour of a statue to him in Parnell if I recall correctly. That has to be respected!