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Yeah sure why not talk yourselves up , they gave us a rattle and are happy enough with how they performed , championship is a different animal though.

I have a chuckle to myself though from my time in galway - Some pox use to have an article - and without fail would have a snipe at the dublin footballers - one thing that annoyed him was the talk of dublin winning Sam - and it was rude to be talking like this as Leinster was to be won first !

i wonder what his thoughts are regarding Comers ambitions !!


Looks like Dirty Daragh’s articles are behind the Irish Times paywall now. Anything daycint in the first article of the year ? Lots of patronizing clap trap about Mayo not being out for the count no doubt.


I think this was the best bit -

“Someone, anyone, please, just pull Con O’Callaghan’s tail and see how much will he hiss!!”


His first was last week. Today’s was about recovering from injuries. Yer not missing much don t worry.


That’s a grand deal , €2 million .


Can’t wait for the outcry from Clickbait city …


There’s a big difference between a grand and €2million.


Does that cover all the teams (ladies and mens) does anyone know ?


Here ya lazy sh1te …

"This deal means Supermac’s will sponsor the county’s adult and youth intercounty teams in football and hurling until 2022.

Additionally, the Supermac’s sponsorship deal extends to Galway camogie and ladies football."


Kerry getting in on the act , ala Jayo ?


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Kerry are copying Dublin.

Let that sink in for a moment…


In fairness, the likes of Donaghy with his basketball abilities were a big influence on the way Kerry played in the later 00s and beyond.


Mchale with mayo further back re basketball influence.


One Donkey does not a Derby make…


I seriously think McHale was a hindrance to Mayo.


Maybe but just reminding others that basketball influences have been in gaa a fair few years now.


The park or the player/coach?


The park was/is a better player.


In what way(s)?


I just don’t think he was any good (as in inter-county standard).
I think there was a perception that a good basketball player would automatically make a good Gaelic footballer. McHale, for all of his height and bulk, didn’t measure up for me. Scored very little. Passing wasn’t great. Was probably less mobile than what Aidan O’Shea would be.

The great Sean Walsh used basketball to help his jumping and timing for catching a ball. He was an example of a very good Gaelic footballer who could get by at an ok level of basketball (let’s face it - not the most skilful of games).
I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine McHale played Gaelic football from a reasonably young age (as @mayoman alluded to, what young lad in Mayo wouldn’t?)but probably played more basketball - it suited his physique. I’d imagine someone got the idea that this decent basketball player, who also plays Gaelic football, would become an inter-county great, his size being a help.
Sorry, but for me, Liam McHale was no Willie Joe Padden (Snr) or John Maughan or TJ Kilgallon (great players in their day).