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Beeko fully respect your opinion but would be of a totally opposite view and rate McHale above the 3 listed… if anything his reputation was reduced because of his basketball prowess and because of an opinion he was too nice…


Respect, likewise (even if you’re wrong :wink: ).


Good debate though, I’ll have to trawl the archives again. I thought I recalled him as a very good footballer but somewhat muscled out of it by (like every other team around then) the Meath hatchetmen in 96, and hoored out of it Kerry’s cuteness in 97 (or did he play in 97?).

But then Meath got beaten by Offaly in 97. And a great Galway team stopped Mayo progressing after 97.


Imo Mayo win the 96 All Ireland had McHale stayed on the pitch .


Think this is a positive


Would they ever get rid of Jimmy Chung and this praise of nasty, nordie handball?


Interesting as usual.


I’ll stop buying the I.T. if they persist with this Donegal nonsense. Two sportswriters from there plus Jum the Waffler is too much.


Can anyone throw up the text of Dirty Daragh’s article? He’s behind the pay wall.


You’ll stop buying it so because superstar jesus Christ Jim ain’t going nowhere. We’ll soon get his rehash on how HE beat the dubs and of course his preaching of how to beat the dubs.


So in anyway, any thoughts on is article about Galway-Ros?


It’s a rehash of all his other articles.
"my system works, you’re all just doing it wrong’


Where is jimbo these days ?


Up his own hole? Long term rescue operation in place.


Another good article by Jackie Tyrrell today. He says Cork won’t win the All Ireland but explains precisely why! I personally think Galway can only be stopped by themselves or injustice from a referee.


He’s one of the best GAA journalists out there


Certainly Galway’s to lose


Leinster final will show what kind of shape they’re in. If they brush Kilkenny aside in a final as easily as they did in the Leinster match - then I can’t see them being stopped. (with the usual caveats thrown in), because kilkenny would give everyone else left in the competition a run for their money.


I give Kilkenny no chance. They flatter to deceive. The league can now be put in conrext. Tipp bottled it in the league final and have been shown to be not up to it. Kilkenny score precious little from play. They got 1.6 from play in their first two championship matches. Without TJ’s frees and penalties, they have little else. They will hook, block, fight, harry etc on Sunday but it will make no difference. 5 of their senior team were beaten by Galway’s under 21s recently. Galway will win comfortably on Sunday. Kilkenny will not be in the All Ireland final. If you match their ferocity, they do not have the scorers.


I read Tyrells book. Super read. He was a feckin lunatic in terms of desire to succeed. A real eye opener. And an excellent analyst too as he’s proving now.