Kevins losing playing pitches



Ridiculous to remove playing pitches for development in that part of the city.


Hopefully they are at minimum relocated to somewhere they can call their own. Again not much spare land in that part of the city. The future for some clubs looks to be amalgamation just in order to have somewhere to play.


This is exactly why Joe Brolly was right about the GAA. This should have been unthinkable to the GAA but when you get used to fluffy carpets, your thinking changes.


The way things are going Dublin GAA teams will be playing on the all weather roofs of buildings in the future …


And there are other clubs in this position!


Can see something similar going in on top of Dolphin house


Would have to have serious high nets all around the pitch! Imagine playing the Barrs there and it all kicked off :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Completing selling the soul of the city. The more green space the better, particularly in that area.


Speaking of the Barrs. This not as bad a situation as Kevins and NaF find themselves in or anything like it but its another example of school and sports facilities suffering at the hands of inept politicians. We recently got the gael scoil next to our clubhouse built. It had been shitty prefabs for 20+ years, broken promises of a new building by every successive government. Bertie Ahern himself promised it at the beginning of his tenure as taoiseach. As part of the build for the school they demolished our small all weather beside the clubhouse to build a bigger and better one to be used by both the school and club. A few months ago, the builders downed tools and walked off site as they were not getting paid, company went bust. This is a company hired by board of education and sport. The pitch is unfinished and has been sitting there months with no sign of anyone being hired to finish it. As a result the school has nowhere for PE/training and our underage teams and some of the adult ones were stuck in a small gym hall for training since our all weather was taken up last year.
We visited Dail Eireann yesterday to put the pressure on.



Cieran Perry’s a great public rep. Good luck to ye in your campaign




Ive said it previously in the Na Fianna thread. There needs to be a coming together of all clubs and a protest of sorts with huge numbers (potential votes) before anyone will take note. Probably never happen though.


Think the problem is it will suit some people not others…people generally only look after their own interests these days…


Costello may be the man to pull this agenda together. Backed by Horan at HQ.


Very true St james gaels playing in iveagh grounds years trinity recently bought it and they could bd priced out of it when trinty develop not much option in dublin 12 for SJG


Kevins have an online petition and are looking for 2.000 signatures by tomorrow to preserve playing fields in Dolphin Park.


Currently 2 full size pitches and 3 cross field. Afterwards will be 2 full sized and better surfaced pitches 4 Cross field pitches with adequate netting on all and floodlights. There will also be an all weather training area.


Jaysus, those dressing rooms look about the same nick as when I used to play for Synger in the late 80s