Kevins losing playing pitches


1880’s ???


so what exactly is the problem?


Who owns the pitches TSS or SK?


Synge Street school?


Seems to me TSS are improving the quality of facilities , not losing pitches & funding it by sale of unused space. Well done TEA but I think Kevin’s may be using it as agenda to speed up provision of their own facility as promised by council


Fair play to TSS - Can see why they are doing it.

Fair play to kevins also , they have generated a bit of noise on the back of the sports grants and have another bit of fuel to keep the fire going now.


Have to agree, worst changing facilities in Dublin. Kevins a 100 years in that part of the city and cant find some grass. Hope Kevins new pitch at Teresas Gardens comes through for them.
Best of luck Synger, badly needed.


It seemed like it. You had to take less steps with the ball back in them days and you knew where all the doc leaves where at the side of the pitch after you fell on a bunch of stingers on the '45


Still struggling to get my head around this. Are TSS not sharing with Kevins or something?

I never knew TSS owned those grounds, always though it was Kevins or the council.


Only played there the once. Was in between the sticks bare in the middle of the goal and then grass was a foot long in the rest of the square. Impossible to kick the ball out.


Makes sense now. Could not see why Synger would bite their own nose off. I think the GAA will tell both clubs to sort themselves out.


The GAA have backed TSS in this proposed re-development. Kevin’s argument is that ‘green space will be affected’ when the plans clearly state two full size pitches & four juvenile pitches will still be available as is the current situation.


Think kevins are barking up the wrong tree here

TSS own the pitch and are entitled to develope it as they see fit


As i said earlier , i think it demonstrates they don’t have pitches that are there own and/or are allocated to them. TSS doing this allows kevins them to generate more noise to DCC about securing playing areas on the back of the sports grants news from last month.


Emmm… no, they are not. They need to go through the relevant planning authorities.


Perhaps not, but surely TSS are entitled to seek permission from the relevant authorities to develop their own pitches as they see fit.


I think Kevins point is that there is not enough green space in this area and if the plan goes ahead there’ll be even less. I can see why TSS would want to do the deal and redevelop their facilities but I can also see Kevins’ point that once that land is built on, it’s never coming back. One line in that Irish Times report suggests 28% of the land could be lost.

TSS’s plan is where the sports capital grant should be going to instead of Wesley and golf/yacht clubs so that the playing space (in one of the most deprived and built-up areas of Ireland) can be kept and the facilities improved at the same time.


Kevins got 121k in the last tranche of sports grant. If they have no pitches or facilities what was the grant for?


You need to apply for a grant and make a case for what you need it for. Wesley obviously did that, if TSS didn’t apply they can’t complain they didn’t receive one.
I’m not saying they are by the way, but implying they should get grant money instead of Wesley is a bit much.


I was trying to make a general point that inner city communities where playing facilities are few and far between might be a more deserving case than Wesley College. Or Howth yacht club (74k), Malahide Golf club (150k), etc. for that matter.
It’s not just GAA clubs* either, boxing clubs don’t seem to do very well either. Many sports clubs don’t have the expertise in making grant applications that some others do. The system just doesn’t seem to get the money to those who most need it in my opinion.

*indeed some GAA clubs do very well out of the sports capital grants