Kevins losing playing pitches


It’s a point but if members of these clubs are paying huge tax dollars are they not entitled to grants as well - once they satisfy the criteria?


No. Because the entire political and taxation system is heavily skewed in their favour.


yeah? All of them?


I’m not feeling logical chief!


They actually give courses specific to applying for the grants. Just need to have someone who is willing to put in the hours to do it


Exactly. I believe it’s not the most straight forward of processes but it’s worth putting the time and effort in given how hard it is to raise 150k through traditional fundraising.
If clubs don’t put in the effort to the process they shouldn’t complain when other organizations who do, reap the benefits.


Its not that hard to apply on the new system that’s been in place for the last 4-5 years in fairness. But it does take time and effort to get everything in order, and you would need to start planning your project and fundraising 6-8 months before the grants scheme opens for applications.

The most complicated bit is getting the paperwork correct, planning permission or proof of exemption from planning permission, certified quotes/tenders etc. Problems also arise where clubs don’t own facilities, but are leasing/renting them as the grant gets registered as a legal charge against the property for 10 years, similar to a mortgage. You also have to pay the money out from your own resources first and then get reimbursed from the grant afterwards.

Not straightforward, but not rocket science either.


In relation to Clontarf GAA losing its entire nursery plus a brand new pitch, the money has spoken once again. The Blueshirts make Fianna Fail look like choirboys. This is a comment from the group that was fighting it:

An Bord Pleanala have GRANTED permission for the development on the St. Paul’s playing fields in St. Anne’s. We have not read the details of the decision yet, so we cannot comment on them, but it appears to be a full grant (536 units). This comes despite Dublin City Council’s recommendation for refusal and despite the recently refused ‘sports complex’ element of the application. We will be holding a public meeting next week to decide on the next steps here, all and any interested parties are welcome to join us in hosting this - sporting clubs, residents associations, community groups and environmental groups - contact us here if your group wants to get involved. We would ask any politicians who are opposed to this decision to join us at this meeting. This planning application went in under the new Strategic Housing system which bypasses all established best practices in the planning system and excludes options for appeal. The planning system was further undermined by Minister Eoghan Murphy’s recent order forbidding City Councillors from discussing planning applications at Council meetings, which Councillors have described as a gagging order.
This is a bad day for democracy, a bad day for St. Anne’s, a bad day for Raheny and a bad day for the people of Dublin. The future of St. Anne’s hangs in the balance. We will not be leaving it there.


same as that.

and TSS are at the same time trying to be “anchor tenants” in the Terenure VEC sports ground development proposal to the exclusion of other GAA clubs servicing the youth of the area


Whats going on with the VEC? Who owns it and what are Tss doing?


TSS positioning themselves with Terenure rangers and terenure RFC as the users of a proposed multisport pitch on VEC grounds. sketchydetails on terenure 2030 documents and some public meetings held



Something absolutely stinks about this and it doesn’t add up at all.

Corrupt Ireland seems to be alive and well.


It stinks alright.

Clonkeen and now St. Paul’s whose lands are owned by religious orders are being forced to sell lands to meet their committments to the redress scheme


I suspect there are a number of technicalities to be ironed out… From recollection there are 5 juvenile pitches in Dolphin Park. TSS are saying they are retaining all 4? 1 of the 5 is an old under 10 pitch now called a ‘training pitch’. I see there is a reference to building a new training pitch in their statement, but it is not included in the drawing they provided on their statement. Also their statement doesn’t say what size it will be but some of the commentary suggests it will be small. If the Kevin’s calculation is correct that 28% will be either sold or built on, its hard to see how the 5 pitches will remain the same size. They refer to it being a long term sustainable plan but not sure if it means they will build the new training pitch in long term?


That article seems to suggest the Vincentians cut a deal which was then blocked due to protest, and they are now against the people who want to stop the development(in other words they want their moolah and fook the needs of the community)? I can only assume if I’ve read that right the Vincentians have got some bad bad debts. Allegedly.


To the exclusion of what other clubs that operate in the area? Faughs? Do they not already have grounds of their own up beside Jude’s? From recollection Realt Dearg were training in Terenure VEC for a while.


It appears that ‘bad debts’ are driving a lot of these sales. It’s a pity the current and future kids suffer because of the abuse of kids in a previous generation…


Faughs pitches are sdcc just like Judes


Be very very careful there Ted.