La Liga


Wonder will Ronaldo get 12 weeks for pushing the ref last night??


Had the exact same thought , thanks Diarmo :joy:. Although it was only the beginning of the season , Real looked so much better than Barcelona . Even when they won the CL previously Barca would still look like beating them.Barca need some new signings badly .The shift is certainly in Reals hand now with the league win last year & b2b CLs.



Thought that as well. Although Real are the equivalent of Kerry so probably a similar outcome as if Star did something :smile:



Stupid thing to do in a glorified friendly. Agree that Barca need to get their act together, with current board of directors they seem incapable of making decent signings



Sky Sports has lost the rights to show La Liga games in the UK and Ireland to provider run by Leeds owners

Another sub to watch football


My career, encapsulated in four words.



24 times sent off Ramos calls player a cheat.
Irony meter explodes.


Had to laugh tbh