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The entire Bray scenario is a mess. Would take hours to explain it all so ill do my best. Bray were bought over by hoteliers with absoultely zero interest in football. They are on record as saying they want the site the Carlisle Grounds is on and they promise to build Bray a new stadium outside of Bray (Yeah right) but Wicklow County Council in fairness to them can see through it and are not budging that the Carlisle Grounds has to remain a sports and recreational facility.

The thinking is that if Bray fold there will be no reason for the council to hold onto the ground and they can build their hotel and apartments on the site. So they have committed to these contracts that they can’t afford and they attempted to get the ball moving with the “we’ve no more money to pay and it’s the fans fault” story midway through last season.

They will without question try and pull the plug again this season. Bray have a core support of about 350 lads. They never had big crowds. To say they thought signing a few top players would increase the attendance dramatically is naive at best. People in Wicklow just aren’t into their sports. That’s not a slur it’s just a fact. Most of Brays fans come from South Dublin and with the introduction of Cabinteely into the LOI that has eaten into their catchment area.

I’m sorry I’m fully aware that hasn’t explained the goings on at Bray well enough as it is such a mess. The FAI and Fran Gavin in particular are a shambles. They shouldn’t have allowed the owners to take over in the first place, their intentions were clear from.the outset, and then they should not have been given a licence again this season. It’s a total mess.

I don’t think anyone in the history of employment is as bad at their job as Fran Gavin.


I dunno, I once hired an electrician who wired my hall lights in such a way that when you switched on the landing light the doorbell rang…


At least it done something


Glass half full kinda guy, I like that :grinning:

  • Cough * John Delaney * Cough *


Not his brief in fairness. Fran Gavin is in charge of the league


He’d have played a part in appointing him though no ?


Hes being in that role a long time. Near impossible to be sacked from an organisation like the FAI


If you’re efficient and effective you will invariably be sacked …


Rovers fans acting the maggot throwing flares on the pitch up in Dundalk :japanese_ogre:


Rovers fans acting the prick surely not :roll_eyes:


Dundalk one up on rovers


Is the Shams bus OK?


Oh what a blunder from the Rovers keeper


It’s grand , wait for the Bohs match though !


Rovers get one back
2.1 to Dundalk , about 15 mins plus added time left .


Dundalk win 2.1 , Waterford have retaken the lead against Cork , 2.1 up , 10 mins to go .


FT Waterford 2.1 Cork
3 sent off in 90th minute , 1 Waterford , 2 Cork


Massive comeback and win that by Waterford, some start to the season for them.

Rovers at Dundalk could be the first ever instance of the away fans attacking their own team bus :wink:


Rovers keeper is fucking awful