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There is no such thing as an awful Rovers keeper. The more awful the better.


Was in Dalymount last night, for first time in a long time, young lad was playing at half time.
Great night for kids, and families. Lot of families first time there, great atmosphere and lads really well looked after by Bohs. Young lad delighted, he even met Roddy Doyle.
Have to say though, Dalymount is in seriously bad shape, only one stand open, I fully understand there’s all sorts of developments due to happen, but, have to say FAI really don’t give a rats arse about League of Ireland.
He even met Ruud Gullit…


Glad to have you on board. Couple of my mates in the background there. Must have just missed catching me at the bar. On the ground, we don’t actually own the terrace behind the shopping centre anymore so can’t do anything with that and the connaught street stand is condemned so we can’t use that either. It is in serious disrepair but it’s up to the council now to sort out the redevelopment beginning the end of 2019. For all its problems I still don’t want to see it change. I love the charm the place has and tbf the jodi stand is a good facility (if you ignore the toilets)


Look our lads would’ve played in the Car park once it was near Dalymount… Great to see all the families there. Didn’t get into the bar (missus with us), great night though. :clap::clap:


Is that Brian M behind the lads?


:joy::joy::joy: I’ll tell him you said that


Pats looking to build a stadium on the St Michaels Estate site


This chap will be over the moon …


12,000 seater seems excessive. What would thier average attendance be?


They barely get 1,000 at their games now. Won league 5/6 years ago and attendances were very low then. They used to get 3/4000 at games late 90s/early noughties.


Average around 1,500. We’d obviously be looking to improve significantly on that with much improved facilities. We’d never need 12k but the way planning works in this country, you need to propose a lot more than what you actually want as objections etc will always pare back whatever you cite.

Hopefully it goes ahead. Richmond is a great old football ground but seriously dilapidated at this stage and the location of the river and nearby housing etc makes it near impossible to redevelop.

A hell of a lot needs to happen for this to come to pass, fingers crossed it all does. Not having the begging bowl out to the council or state ought to help.


I like all the Dublin clubs (except one!). Hope it works out but agree that 12k capacity is way too much. Unfortunately LoI is not a case of if you build it they will come …


Let me guess Rovers ? :grin:


I couldn’t possibly say … Super Bohs!


The only true Northside club :clap:

Shels are blow ins from Ringsend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So are Rovers.


Hope Pats get the go ahead to build there new stadium. Do agree 12000 is too big but as previously pointed out they will probably get granted planning permission for something smaller. Great boost for the area with the new shop units too. Love Richmond Park but it is very old and delapidated and time to move on.


Councillor Paul Hand, “St Patrick’s Athletic don’t own the land. Dublin City council own the land so I don’t understand how they’re going to build a stadium on land they don’t own. (The council) will possibly be putting the land out for tender in the coming months, for a proposal for housing and a new neighbourhood centre for the community in Inchicore.”

What is it with League of Ireland clubs and wanting to build on council land, or better still getting the council to go the whole hog and build you a stadium? Rovers, Bray and now Pats.


It’s good business. Why pay for it yourself if someone else will pay for you?


Pats would be paying for the stadium themselves. This isn’t a Rovers/Tallaght scenario. AFAIK the council would get Richmond Park as part of any deal