League of Ireland


I presume Fento and Byrne are mates? Probably in school together? Or maybe they going skiing together.


Yeah I think they would have went to the same school as each other. Love Dano. He’s one of our own. You’ll never get anything less than 100 percent from him. Top lad. Made up for him with that goal cause he’s had a tough time of it lately with injuries and working his way back into the side. That would have meant the world to him scoring out there against them


Rovers beaten by Bray



Only 3 points separating 1st from 4th . Fairly competitive after 11 or so games .


Bohs beaten by Derry (yet again)…


Robbed by a sending off that never was. Never get anything against Derry. Another tough one on Friday


It usually is, the processions of recent years have been exceptions.

On a related note, while the many downsides of the often basket case nature of the League are well publicised, at least the boom and bust cycle means a lot of different teams get a season in the sun. The last 12 LOI titles have been shared between 8 different clubs. Compare that to 4 in the Premier League (which includes the Leicester win that practically defined the term ‘outlier’) and Bundesliga, 3 in La Liga and 2 in the SPL. Even in your worst season, the realistic hope that you’ll be back up challenging within a few years is always there. Whereas fans of even traditionally successful clubs across the water like Everton, Villa, Leeds etc must despair of ever winning anything of consequence again barring some gazillionaire taking them over.


Yeh true, and part-timers Vs full-timers, long trip and two games in 3 days.


Could be a long night with Cork in town .


Cork one up


Plenty of possession for Boys now, but unable to really stretch Cork and limited to 25 yard efforts. Stokes really is a tidy player!


Dundalk drawing ATM .


2 nil Cork , nicely taken . Defender caught out .


Finished 2.2 in the end . If things stay the same in Dalymount Dundalk leading the league on goal difference.


More points dropped by Rovers


12 points from 13 games , 6 of those points off the Shams. That does not make good reading …
But two wins over “them” should soften it .


Hoolahan leaving Norwich at the end of the season. Back to the LOI maybe ?


Jesus i’d love to see him in the Red and Black but i’d imagine he’d end up back at Shels. He’s from a Bohs stronghold though so one can always dream.


The Boh Wes! The Boh Wes! The Boh Wes!


Shels in Div 1 though. If they were PD maybe. Just hope he doesn’t go to the hooped bastards if he does come back to the LOI