League of Ireland


Markey terrific player worth the entrance fee alone.impressed with pats hope the new stadium gets built.


Rovers go 1-0 up in the 82nd minute… Game over you’d think… But no, Bohs love taking points off Rovers. Dan Casey just equalised! Now into injury time!


Still unbeaten against the Hooped scum :sunglasses:


Couldn’t make it tonight and woke the poor baby up screaming. Stephen Bradley is a football genius


Ah welcome to fatherhood my friend…Hope all’s going well with new arrival.


All good mate. Loving every minute of it


Big late goal again last night to secure a draw for Bohs . But they weren’t helped with Sligo getting a win .They could have clawed against Shams lead with Dundalk beating them .
Nothing really between 7th & 9th spot.


Looking like Limerick are going to the wall. Haven’t paid their players since the end of April and the players were told last night they’re all free to leave



The LOI really is a shambles. Nearly every year some club is folding. Rumours about Bray too. Will see happen to Waterford in a couple years when money runs out. John Delaney has no interest in league. It all about the international team. Great to see Graham Burke starting for Ireland tonight.


Burke scores. First LOI player to score for Ireland since Ray Tracey in 1978


Well done to Burke. Best of luck to JOS, has been a great servant. His goal to get the draw in Germany a couple of years ago was one of many standout moments.


Not rumours it’s absolute fact and it’s not by accident either. The fact that the FAI allowed the current owners take power in Bray is an absolute disgrace and I hope when the inevitable happens the new Bray Wanderers take the FAI to task over whats going on there. The licencing process is a farce.


Actual footage of the Bray Mafia going into the FAI with their proposal for Bray

And then their budget submissions



Burke off to Preston apparently for €300k


Bohs down 2 nil against Derry :unamused:


Lost 2.1
Luckily Sligo are playing Cork tomorrow.


Much needed win for Bohs tonight .Hopefully Sligo lose tomorrow.
Dundalk back on top after beating Cork.


Great win. pity Bray couldn’t get a draw against Limerick


Holy Jaysus