League of Ireland


Who was reportedly binge-drinking hebrew at the time.


It was a paddy power stunt


Anytime an Irish Liverpool fan says "We are going to do this or we are going to do that when mentioning Liverpool , I always say "sorry I couldn’t understand you in that scouse accent ,could you repeat that "
Same for the Mancs.


Just reading bout bray wanderers signing players for coming 2018 season just wondering what sort wage them lads be gettin paid. Enough to make a living? Anybody have an idea


Doubt you’d make a living on a Bray wage tbh


€200/€250 if your in the matchday panel, €50 if their lucky if they don’t make the 18.

Couple of “franchise” players would maybe get up to around €400


And yet still they compete at the highest level. Quite an achievement over the years


Bray wanderers had a host of players on full time contracts last season. They also have players contracted to full time for this season and there’s no way on earth Gary McCabe, Hugh Douglas etc aren’t on full time contracts this year as they were in demand from bigger clubs. So yes they will all be making a good wage.


That’s completely inaccurate. I’m not going to announce what an individual was earning but I know for a fact that players were earning big bucks at Bray last season. Players packed in full time jobs to sign for Bray


Yeah Brogan your figures are way off what Ive heard.

Gary McCabe was rumoured to be on 1k p/w last year but he was prob their highest earner and I would imagine Bray have scaled things back a bit this year.

Say the average wage this year is about €350-400 p/w with couple of big names on 50-75% more.


McCabe and Douglas were well sought after. Sullivan too. Them lads aren’t signing back for 400 a week. They’ll be on at least 700 a week. Then there’s 3 players who still contracted from last season.

As far as I’m aware of the 10 premier division teams only Bohs are part time. The rest are full time so Bohs are the only team operating anywhere close to the figures Brogan has mentioned


Ex bray Wanderers players working with us - in payroll ironically-he was with them till last season. I ll ask him next week.


Wouldnt be getting a mortgage on them wages alone anyway. Lads would need to find another job wit an understanding employer regards time off (travelling to matches etc). On flip side playing against likes cork and dundalk would be good experiences. Alot of uncertanity around league of ire in general


But even though they are full time, they are only full time during the season. Most have to get a job through the off season though.

Unless that’s changed in the last year or so.


They start getting paid 4 weeks before the season starts so I’m told. When preseason starts. There’s players packing in full time jobs and good ones to go professional so they’re being well looked after. Take lopes for example. Left us for Rovers but the money they were offering him was ridiculous. Unless he was a fool with money he’d be grand over the off season


Talking to my bohs supporting bro in law , tells me the league games are been extended this season . Each team plays each other 4 times a season .What’s the story there ?


Reduced to a 10 team league. Madness, not least because it’s already been tried and failed two or three times before.


Bray nearly went bust mid way through last season for that very reason, I’m well aware they were getting big money.

The chairman had some notion that he was going to get the people of Wicklow and south Dublin behind the team and pack the stadium out.

They had to rail in the spending big time and I’ve heard they’re more akin to bohs/drogehda type money now


That was all part of their masterplan. Suits the owners for Bray to go bang and go after the ground. That’s their end game. But every player was paid every cent they were owed and i can tell you with absolute certainty they are offering silly money again. Remains to be seen whether they’ll be given a license however but the players have all signed big contracts again. Bohs are nowhere near the budget of Bray even now.


Would it not make sense for bray to sell their ground considering it s seafront location and build elsewhere a modern ground elsewhere with the money.