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it would if they owned it. They don’t. Wicklow CoCo, aka North Korea in some quarters, own the land.


As pointed out already they don’t own the ground but the day Bray play their last game in the Carlisle ground is the day Bray enter the history books. They don’t command a big support and what little support they do have is concentrated in the Bray and South Dublin area. A move further into Wicklow would be absolutely disastrous for them. They struggle to get 300 home fans as it is. The supporters have zero desire to leave the Carlisle Ground and the council don’t appear to want to give it up either but money talks and the current owners have bad intentions. They couldn’t care less about the future of Bray. Nasty people


Well , season resumes as we speak .I’m sure @BohemianDub is freezing his nads off in Dalymount .
Anyone else here fans ? Passing interest myself , used to go to the odd game years ago .


I follow Bohs, lived in Phibsboro for 5 years and Ballymun since then. Love going to games but honestly didn’t get to many the last few years. Should be a cracking atmos tonight but Dalyer so badly needs that rebuild and delayed yet again by more shenanigans, will the lessons ever be learned?


God , that’s a bad goal to give away . Shane Supple caught all over the gaff :open_mouth:


Bad defending too, very slow to react to ball coming back off the post


Who are the danger men to look out for Bohs , if they have any .


I’d have said corcoran …but after that miss earlier I don’t know, Air kick free in the box!!!


Cork aren’t hanging around , great start against Pat’s , leading 2 nil away .


On a side note, it’s absolutely pathetic to see that the Garda riot squad are required to segregate spectators behind the goal.


Trouble last night apparently


Cork down to 10 men , leading 2.1.


Bohs fan too. Used to get to most home games and the odd away in my younger days.
Last time was an away in Galway, 3-4 years ago. Any Bohs fans here go to the Rangers game in 84?
Recall the stories in school the day after of what went on. Crazy night that by all accounts.


2.2 Pat’s & Cork .


Get in ! Great header


I was at that, every Dub was a Bohs fan that night. The guards had to draw their revolvers to rescue a uniformed Garda who was in danger down at the Rangers end. It all took away from a very good 3-2 win. Most of the Rangers fans were from the eh …occupied territories !


Yesssss , beauty from Cavanagh !


Get in :+1:

Hope we see this out and send the Hooped scum back to Tallaght with their tails between their legs


3.1 !!!