League of Ireland


Another boss fan. Used to go every week but then herself entered my life and Friday’s and Sunday’s were spent elsewhere. Had to laugh as they actually started winning things then.

Have only been able to go very rarely since it’s a long way from Tipperary (ha) to a Friday evening LOI match.




I could have typed that word for word.


Enjoy this one @BohemianDub , mad night ahead I’d say !



Cork back in front 3.2


Used to go to Bohs matches (maybe 3 or 4 a year) but probably only go once every 3 or 4 years now a days!

That was a great hard fought win tonight, good to get early season bragging rights. Both teams and especially 'keepers were very rusty/indecisive.


Casey and Kavanagh! :grin:

Kavanagh is poetry in motion…


Terrible defeat for Pats, from 2-0 up and then against 10


They were 2-0 down…still lost though!


I was there in 1975 - skipped up after u12 training with Botanic … fcuking mad stuff. Rangers crowd were scary but nowhere near as bad as the Ma when she found out we’d gone up there …


U12 in 75 that means your ?? Jaysus fair play you use the oul computer well for an aul fella.


The brother’s was a huge Bohs Fan, and his “Irregulars” band of mates. Got serious hiding from Rovers fans one night outside Brian Boru, with his missus, he wasn’t even at the game, they just recognised him…


I’ve played in all the LOI grounds in Dublin bar Thomas Davis :sunglasses: and they are all kips with Bohs being the worst of them.

Even the mice took their socks in getting onto the shower there.


Were you in the Tallaght pipe band? :slight_smile: :smile:


I was there in the late seventies when Bohs played Newcastle Utd in a European competition. That was some scary night with fighting inside and outside the ground.


Someone in RTÉ got a bit confused!


Fucking yesssss. That is all. Top of the league


Went to bohs v dynamo Kiev European game a couple of years back and used the jacks in the Connaught st side. Essentially a wall and a gully. I remember thinking that if the lads who had built it 100 years walked back in there and then they recognize it as the same place on the day it was completed. A kip is right .


A boss fan and then a fan of the boss (mrs-dubintipp)?