Leinster SFC 2019 QF, Dublin vs Louth, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Saturday May 25th, 7pm

Nothing is ever odd … this is Jim!

Louth are better then recent results show. The McGrath management time was a disaster and set them back a lot. But for a draw in their last game in the league though they would have been promoted to div 2 next year.

Dublin will win, but it won’t be a cakewalk from start to finish. Louth manager is fairly astute too.

Lets hope

It will be enough of a victory to justify more calls for a tiered championship structure.

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I would have thought that the defeats to Longford at home and also to relegated Carlow were bigger reasons for no promotion than a draw in their last game.

Louth are a third Division team on merit. It will be as big a margin as Dublin wish.

Looking forward to the game, just wondering what Luas stop is nearest to O’Moore park

M7 is a disaster area. So I started walking earlier. Just left the Poitin Still after a nice pint of Guinness. Michelle was in having a whisky - old habits and all that. @RathcooleDub was up at the bar - in his Kildare shirt.


Head for Dundrum.

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Will I get off at Balally or Dundrum, must get myself a leap card, should be able to scan that in O’Moore park

:joy::joy::joy: the barman had to dust off the large bottles of cider for you townies!


No. And the same situation will arise come the semi-final. We’re not scheduled to be on a live broadcast 'til Leinster Final day.

With the hurling stealing the early season thunder, this is a bug-bear of mine. GAA Go essentially pulls from games that RTE & Sky broadcast. So, if the broadcasters look the other way on a certain fixture, then that’s those of us abroad screwed. We can’t quite ‘pop down’ to Portlaoise or Nowlan Pk or wherever. As the hurling / football championships evolve, it’d be nice to see the GAA & the broadcasters evolve with it to a greater degree. Rant over.

Question, y’all.

If you were Jim, would you be tempted to parachute ROC in immediately? Away from Croker, out of view of a live TV audience. Jim’s criteria is probably a bit wider than that, admittedly, but it’d give ROC some true IC game time outside of the petri dish of in-house action.

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But but but Peter McKenna said the Sky deal was to bring the games to the diaspora …

Ps ROC in from the start on Saturday!

There’s absolutely no reason the gaa cant stream every single game that isn’t being televised. Cricket Ireland were able to stream the two games against Afghanistan, they had 2 cameramen, a lad on sound and a lad on picture and a few commentators, it is so so simple. Coverage of gaa is shite.


Woodlawn … The 4 train… Make sure you don’t get off at 161st , big stadium there :+1:t2:.

. Oh yeah its a Metro Card ya need , those leap cards are not valid outside the “Dublin area rapid transit” zone


Ah here leave it out, I should be able to use my leap card. The aul subway it brings back memories " stand clear of the closing door please", can’t mimic the American accent via text.

Dublin will win of that I have no doubt
Not particularly bothered as to starts finishes gets game time , main focus will be on attitude , this is our first championship game set a standard and results will look after themselves , Id imagine as always Gavin will throw curve balls he does like to give early opportunities so who knows if he’s unearthed another gem ?

Look at the DCB championship feed on YouTube, sure it’s not exactly sky super duper Sunday but it’s grand, you get to see games thatbotherwise you’d not get a chance to see.

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Exactly, we’re not asking for the best coverage ever, just any coverage! If the DCB can do it the gaa sure as hell can!


Oisin Langan who does the commentary and knows the club scene fairly well, knows the teams and players, and they basically have one camera. For those of us out of Dublin, the DCB YouTube feed is a godsend, i only get to a handful of club games nowadays but this allows us to keep a dabs on load of games - it’s a fantastic service.


I’m afraid it may not be as simple as that folks. I’m not sure Sky or RTE would be impressed with some other entity getting to broadcast the games they can’t (or won’t!) for free (or cheaply) and in a lot of cases when they would be airing directly in competition with a Sky/RTE game. I’d be quite sure their contracts have this boxed off. This is not about getting as many of our games to our people, home and abroad. It’s about money.

If they went down this road Sky and RTE would be paying a lot less for their packages.