Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm


In fairness Flynn is no slouch in the air.


That is my point, you move him to midfield you are losing one of MDMA/Bastic and probably bringing Kev Mack out to wing forward


Jack is still in Africa by the way.


“The Invincibles” :disappointed:


Did he touch the rains down there?


Apologies, misread that. Yeah agree that does present a problem but I trust Rock. His ball winning this year has been incredible compared to last year. Fair play to him, CC taking frees in the league obviously put the frightners on him and boy has he responded. Clearly put a lot of work in and is becoming indispensable imo. Has he missed 5 frees in the 3 games so far?


Gonna take a lot to take him away from there


Twice I heard


Even more unlikely as one of the forwards is likely to be used elsewhere now.

Ah sure we’ll be grand :sweat:


You’re all Toto funny…


But your scenario is different to mine. A kick/punch is reckless and deserves a red regardless of the situation. My scenario was that regarding what happened on Sunday. The rule book covers both a yellow and a black card for what happened. It was rough play towards an opponent, therefore a yellow card. It was also a deliberate pull down, therefore a black card. In this scenario it comes down to the referee and his assistance interpretation. I think he called it right.


Tis nothing that a hundred Managers or more could ever do


I’d still stick with Macauley to start and Bastick as sub. Looking back at the full match, Macauley was involved in a lot of good stuff too. He takes risks, and when it works he beats a layer of defence and almost always leads to the creation of a scoring attempt. This happended a number of times in the first half.

The downside is risk-taking leads to turnovers also, and admittedly that happened too often. So next time he needs to improve his decision making as to when the run is on, and when the layoff is the best option.


There’s no doubt there are more considerations and headaches for Jim & Co than last year. But I still don’t see 15 superstars and a bench full of the same in any other county. I wouldn’t swap places with any of them - not a chance.

i trust Jim & Co to solve any problems. It could even be slightly beneficial to have to think theses things through and change plans/set up as it may will present opposition teams with challenges they did not foresee.

I see plenty of weaknesses in every team left and plenty of starting players who would at best make our squad.


That’s why I would approach it differently Lougher. More than likely we are going to be playing Donegal which will necessitate minimal turnovers despite the fact they looked extremely leggy in the 2nd half on Sunday.


Fully agree Loughers … But to have to point this out to an ex POTY who is nearly 30 is a bit strange …


Make no mistake, 2014 still grates with the panel & management (not from the point of view of revenge v Donegal but moreso for the fact that we got it so badly wrong) and a big positive this year has been Gavin’s ruthlessness in making substitutions if lads are not performing/do something that goes against the gameplan.


Is it just me, or was it Connolly moved to MF when they took MDMC off first before bringing Bastic back on. Im pretty sure thats what happened and if it was, then that would put him ahead of Flynn for a MF spot. Which is a good call too, I know your losing him in the HFs, but he would be well able to MF. MDMC looks uninterested and unfit to me, plus his unusual style that he got away with in the last few years seems to be making him look worse this year

On the forwards, I dont think Kev will be dropped, I think he earned his place now and deserves to keep it, he had a great game on Sunday, second goal was superb

I think we will see something like this in the Qtrs, if James is still out, not my team, but think what the team will be

Philly Fitz Cooper
Kilkenny Cian Small
Fenton MDMC
Fynn Kev Mc Connolly
Brogan Andrews Rock


You are right, he was moved to midfield.
If McCarthy is out I reckon the team will be the same as yours but with Byrne in for Fitz.


The benefit he brings in ability to breach the blanket and avoiding too much slow lateral passing is worth the risk of the odd turnover for me. I’d trust he’ll be better next time. But all about opinions!