Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm


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we beat mayo by a point 2013 (lost the year before), they took us to a replay last year. We beat Kerry by a point 2011, and 3 points last year, and they ran us level almost to the line in 2013. Donegal beat us by 6 or 7 in 2014, we beat them by 2 in 2011. Forget Cork, and no recent games Vs Tyrone.

So since all those games, Donegal have gone back, Kerry have waned, waxed, and probably waned a bit again. Mayo are more or less the same, a little better. Dublin got better from 2011 to 2015, overall. Still had those close games last year, when most things were really going for us.

And since last year we’ve lost 3 of our best/most important players, and some who are nearing the end are a year older. What gives you such confidence we will still beat Kerry & Mayo? Or Donegal if they find that other gear again?


My kick / punch scenario was just trying to clarify the issue of issuing cards when the ball is out of play.

What happened on Sunday appeared to me to be a clear and deliberate pulling down of the opponent. You even state that (highlighted above) but go on to say that a yellow was the correct action to take. This surely would be a case of of someone not implementing the rules!!! (I’m not going to try and second guess what the ref and linesman may or may not have said). To me, the rough play stopped when the deliberate action of pulling the opponent to the ground occurred.

All about opinions!!!


Cheering up is so pre 2011. The miserability of doom and gloom is about to go into overdrive. I’m breaking out the beer and Valium for protection and future proofing against the next bit o bad news from the Dublin camp. New website, new Ui but same oul doomed addiction! Yis miserable fuckers! :blush:


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I know it is the result that counts at the end of the day, but sometimes the scoreline is not a through reflection of what happened over the 70 mins, in my opinion we were far superior to Kerry and Mayo in the games you mention and I honestly think that those close scorelines are a bigger worry for them than they are for us.
IMO our biggest problem is how we can cope with the losses of top class players, we are now going into the final stages of the champo with at least two very inexperienced lads in the back six and possibly three depending on MC Carthy, these lads are now going to be targetted and a lot will depend on how they cope.
I do feel though, that there is a clear game plan and it is all about patience and that is a big change from 2014, we are in no hurry to blow teams out of the water, we just wait and let them blow themselves away, although I am not so sure it will be as easy against the likes of Tyrone or Donegal as they seem to have mastered the defensive game in such a way that they don`t waste near as much energy as the likes of Westmeath legging it around trying to close us down.


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Yes, I agree. I think there is more control in how we play now. Apart from the Laois game, in all the league games and championship games this year (If memory serves me correctly), we have been relatively tight with the opposition at half time and pull away in the second half. The methodology seems to be to see what the opposition are bringing in the first half and then when it is identified, bring in a plan to counter it in the second half. This puts a huge responsibility on the manager to get it right, but so far (with one exception) he has been more then equal to the task.

Where Dublin do sometimes hit a few issues is when the opposition have the strength to bring a plan B in the second half, which Kerry and Mayo can. In those instances, Dublin do have to do a second reaction and it can delay their getting a winning lead, but maybe apart from the semi final replay last year, in every other game it seemed fairly inevitable Dublin would get the lead.


It is all about opinions but officially does either rule take precedence over the other.


Is it supposed to be black and white or down to interpretation? My opinion would be that if one player drags another to the ground in order to take him out of the play / gain an advantage on him, then it should be black. In a case like Connolly’s, where it had no bearing on play, then I think the yellow is the right call.


That was how I looked at it, couldn’t really have complained if he got a red either is what I thought at the time. I kind of thought they had to deal with Dolan as well, so ended up with the 2 yellows scenario.

There is a big forore about the black card, but it’s no different to most of the other rules, in that it’s open to the ref’s interpretation. Commentators don’t help the situation either though with their own lack of knowledge on what the rules say and that leads to the (lazy) public being ill-informed as well!


Still think the sin-bin was a much better option for all yellow card offences


Black cards should not be replaced. That is how to clean the game up


I’m not disagreeing that it’s not working. I suppose the sin-bin was always open to officials differing in their interpretation as well


Don`t agree that the problem is an interpretation thing, I think they actually went out of their way to make the rule really clear and to an extent it has backfired. For example if you drag a player to the ground it is a black, but if you throw him to the ground it is not. It is obvious that most would see one action as cynical as the other and most feel that the reason the card was brought in, although not mentioned in the rule, was to avoid cynical fouls. I get the feeling that the refs feel they have no real right to interpretation in the case of the black card and only hand it out if they see the foul like the pictures in the guide they were given.