Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm


From HS.

“Look, James is a real quality player, the form he has been in throughout this season especially, and even last season, he is a real leader for us, he is a key player for us," the St Brigid’s clubman told the Dublin GAA website.

“It’s great that the injury is only a bit of a bang and we are hopefully he will be back for the next day in a couple of weeks’ time.

“It wasn’t as bad as was initially feared, or anything like that, which was great, because having lost Jack (McCaffrey) and Rory (O’Carroll), you don’t want to lose quality players as much as any of the other teams.

“We are hoping to have James back the next day because he is a key player for us.

“Whoever we come across the next day is going to be a step up from what we’ve faced so far in the Championship. We’ve got to improve because what we’ve done so far won’t be good enough for the rest of the season.”

Suppose Andrews wouldn’t be speaking so openly about how key he is if there was real doubt about him missing the next day?!


Hope you are right! :+1:


Does anyone else think that what Gavin said about the injury initially is true and that its just a quad ? PA quotes above would tend to validate that . Where did the claims about it being ligament damage come from ?


That wonderful journalist source … back page of a red top, The Daily Mirror


Was also mentioned on here before being in the paper


Could be all just a ploy to throw off the tactics of our next opposition. That’s what the Kool Aid is telling me .


And did the paper get the rumour from here :neutral_face:


I wouldn’t read a whole amount into what management or players are saying. If management think they will get a 0.01% advantage over not giving the full facts they will do it ( and rightly so in my view), the players will say what they are told to say. So I think the situation is really that we just don’t know…


U-Roy said on several occasions that he had a good sauce. And it wasn’t Kool-Aid. Or a bandaid.


This Kool Aid stuff, might be a shirt in it! :slight_smile:<img


Lads lads lads, always with the puns, back on topic…

Who do people think are our biggest rivals? I think its Mayo_naisse_


Tyrone for me. Said it from the start of the year. I think they are best set up to exploit whatever weaknesses we have, be it unable to cope with direct running or a long diagonal ball in. They are physically fit and strong, have a very successful manager and they can mix up their playing style. Plus with players like Peter Harte, Sean Cavanagh & a couple others there is no shortage of quality in their ranks.


And they will have Dermo sent off after about 10 minutes!


Good post wifi.

Despite the Kool Aid jokes I don’t think we just have to turn up 3 more times to collect Sam. If we play below par - and we can - there are teams still there capable of beating us. But any of them will need to improve massively on what we have seen to date.

Mayo don’t cut it for me at all. Last year we got our tactics and approach all wrong the first day. They still have Keane, Vaughan, McLoughlin starting, no idea where to put Aido and a bench full of veterans. Evan Regan is unproven at this level.

Tyrone are also a mix of youth and experience with the most of the young lads unproven at this level. Sean C is a warrior but won’t last 70 mins v us at Champo pace in Croker. I don’t rate Colm as a Sam winning midfielder at this stage and we have the psychological edge on them in the Champo too.

Kerry’s old lads are a year older. They still have AOM, Mark O Se, Sheehan, Donaghy etc. They were way off last year and I can’t see the required improvement this year.

Donegal are a shadow of themselves under Gallagher. He doesn’t motivate and inspire the way Jim did - which they need with their kind of game.

No one else worth consideration IMO.


The two black cards for MDMA & Bastick disrupted our momentum in the game as well, leaving us extremely light at midfield.


Colm is playing better then two of our midfielders at present. Anything happens to Fenton our goose is completely cooked.


He isn’t really playing as a midfielder, he is there for the throw up and that’s about it. He is a sweeper and a very good one at that.


Funny that Bart… people been saying that about our midfield since 2011… That overused line 'midfield is a concern. Our goose seems to get cooked an awful lot this dacade, hypothetically of course.


Our biggest rivals are Kerry and Mayo

Tyrone and Donegal are behind them


That’s being overly optimistic