Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


And he got a B in geometry in the Junior Cert! Hard to believe! He must’ve only had a portable tv growing up … a badly damaged one …


I expected a 5-10 point victory yesterday yet the manner of the Kildare comeback before half time and the conceded goal left a sour taste in the mouth. As did our porosity up the middle…again and the glaring goal chance it offered them. Is this all Cian’s fault or should he be getting more assistance? I noticed for their goal that it was Stephen and Mick only with no other defender in sight. Were Jonny Cooper’s presence and organisational skills sorely missed?

Positives were our first 20 minutes, the execution of the two goals and our performance at the start of the second half when the game was there to be won. It is a theme of this year so far that despite the patchy performances when the chips are down we have responded and either rescued a draw or won the game except the NFL final which we also nearly rescued.

This can be yiewed in two ways obviously. Either the hunger or determination is so great that any obstacle will be overcome or we run the risk of going to the well once too often especially against the other top 3 contenders.


Was it a B or just a poorly drawn D?



A word not used nearly enough around these parts.


That’s a pentagon tv!


Was pretty clear on replay, hit upright then crossbar n back into play …defo no point


Are you doubting the accuracy of hawkeye?


For me the full back should have battled for the ball at least, not stand back and let the forward get it. Mick Fits is a good man marking corner Back but is poor under the high ball. If you rember back to the Cork league final in 2011 this was badley exposed. It’s probably the reason he is in and out of the team ants why i don’t think he will start once cooper is fit.


Brogan still had his socks up.


Absoloutely 100% him. I questioned myself at the time, the person i said it to beside looked and it was him, he was stopped at the ticket guy just explaining something for a second so got a good look. Then the follow on was i saw a photo of him in the dressing room online celebrating wearing the same gear (white tee) …


You can’t understand why Dublin goalkeeping legend gets a free pass? :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree he’s not a fullback. We do need Cooper back.


Looks more like the Pyramid Stage at Glasto.


We need a specialist full back, if Cooper isn’t fit then I would play Byrne. Byrne is a better full back then a corner back and would do ok for us there against a traditional full forward.

But Kildare have very good forwards. We have seen loads of them at underage because they usually end up playing Dublin at some stage and particularly at u21 level I have been blown away by the quality of some of their forwards. They will do damage yet in this championship. I wouldn’t be amazed if we met them again down the road.

If we do, then Dublin’s midfield need to realise they are in a difficult battle and need to concentrate on stopping their opponent fielding the ball rather then trying for a clean catch themselves. If MDMA was on the field, half of those marks wouldn’t happen as he would have been breathing down the midfielders neck and attacking the ball with a vengeance.

On the mark - it was trialled years ago and worked very well, but was voted against. It demonstrates the stupidity of the rules being set by such a wide grouping of people who may not even have a huge interest in football…


Big fish little fish more like.


Did I say it would have an impact on the team? I’m just calling it out for what it is, which is weak and lacking. Are you saying Gooch wouldn’t have said alot of “wisha achon achon beware the ides of july” stuff if he was talking about Kerry? I really dislike blatant inconsistency, classic Irish reversible faces.


That’s what happens when you let Ger Cunningham do umpire.




I agree with most of that but I think the overall issue is now more about inconsistency, playing in bursts, switching off. Haven’t seen that from a Dublin team in a while really before this year though there were signs of it in last year’s semi-final but in truth we either controlled or dominated most of that match (no, no, lets not start that argument again!!) and that was against relatively top quality opposition.