Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm


He was including the rabbits ears


Mannion actually didn’t! He’s also left the brigade


Kildare weren’t ready for the pace of the game at the off, not surprisingly but showed more character than many teams before them to come back so well. One-on-ones straight down the middle with lots of time to think about it are deceptively difficult, I’ve seen alot of them missed/saved. Cluxton stood up very well. If you want to see a textbook goal from one of those it was D.Walsh’s one against us in 2013. Rock’s one wasn’t quite an example, he had less time and a bit of an angle (super finish though, he’s been trying and failing in so many games the last couple of years).


I don’t care what Gooch is going to say - its not a lovely girls competition.
wouldn’t be getting my jocks in a twist over that


Where’s that? Jaysus was O’Gara adopted from Ukraine?


Not at all, I enjoy the Father Ted laughability of it. But do you care about the quality of the program/commentary at all?


Fair post. Commiserations. I simply felt Kildare were slow to start, understandably. Then naive and inexperienced at times, very easily rectified. Then it comes down to how good is the coach(es)? Well he/they can learn too. The biggest issue is defensively do they continue to go with this way of playing?

The coming game(hopefully for yous games) will tell alot as you will be up against more defensively minded teams, if yous can get through that playing the same way or similar then it bodes well for being able to progress further with this type of game (almost certainly though it will be adjusted at least to some extent.

After that you have the issue of conditioning and physical experience/maturity etc, which needs time/development. And therein lies the priority of being able to keep momentum going…


I’d have JS over COS at the moment too, even though we lose on craft and experience and that bit of class OS has.


Good luck in the qualifiers BrightWhite. I think you’ll have too much for Armagh but the loss of Feely is a big blow.


Little Fish, Big Fish, Cardboard Box!!


Looks like the balcony of the Gibson hotel


Thought it was the Botanical Gardens


Did the flower bags not go there? Sorry… the flour bags?


On the kickouts and probably midfields performance in general we shouldn’t forget the two main outlet balls for the last 5 years or more are to Flynn & Connolly. Nether of these playing had a big impact imo.


Good point. Hopefully both will be ready for a semi final if we progress.


The hole from mf n thru the center is a huge worry … Only bright side I see is that it’s exposed now so time to correct it … The absence of Flynn n Connolly a huge factor as the both are incredible athletes n v powerful defensively … While we may look forward to return of Connolly I have the feeling Flynn mite be outta de picture … Be interesting to see how we approach but wonder if the gamble on pace n youth in the HF line is de plan ?.. The worry of coz been a repeat of 2014… Was noticeable we only were able to plug the gap when Kildare were bollixed in the last 10-15


I think we are too quick to cast judgment on some of the lads and the defensive performance . Last two years we had an excellent defence . Jonny Cooper’s pace an intelligence central to that . O Sullivan was in unfamiliar territory on Sunday .mcmahon only back. . For me a unit of fitzsimons , cooper , McMahon , caffrey , cian , McCarthy will be very strong . Our approach was very much determined by the opposition and Jim was more than happy to facilitate kildares man to man approach . A different style will be evident against a team with different fundamentals .


Highlights are here:



to me Eric Lowndes has been the standout defender for Dublin in 2017, would you drop him for the above unit


Mick Fitz to miss out for me