Leinster SFC Final 2019: Dublin v Meath, Sunday June 23rd, Croke Park, 4pm

Me*th have improved. Of that there is no doubt and like Dub09 said they have a pretty solid backbone of players.They have some very pacy players too and in general have put up some healthy scores.
I think they’ll give it a right rattle and be well in the game for 55-60 mins but I’d be disappointed if we didn’t win by 6+.

Folks, what exactly is the story with those who didn’t play at the weekend, injured or what?

Rock…Cooper etc

The year Meath won the 6 nations :joy::joy:


We will beat Meath easily

This will be unpopular here, and rightly so. I think Mordor will put it up to us for vast swathes of the game. I do think we will win, but not by a cricket score at all, I think it will be tight. That’s a good thing for Leinster football BTW!


I agree with this gringo. I hope Meath put it right up to us. They need it. We need it. Leinster football needs it.


I just want to see us avoid an early Red card or peno that gives them the boost that makes it nail-biting for us.

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You can rest assured, they will bring “old Mordor” tactics to reduce the manning level. This manager is one to be wary of. He has filth in his bloodstream! We need to be our usual selves, and rise above it. Mordor however, always knew how to push our buttons! Really looking forward to it I must say!

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Meath fell over Offaly. They look good in a piss poor Leinster. Carlow’s discipline fcuked them. Looking at them yesterday a lot of them don’t have the physique.

Since the 2013 Leinster Final when we beat Meath by 7 only one team has got within 10 points, Kildare who lost by 9 - and that was after a late goal and one that shouldn’t have been disallowed for us. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t keep that 10 point margin.

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Having seen their last two games they certainly look good in patches, however in both games they went to sleep for long periods. Against us that would be fatal. The biggest threat about them is that they seem to be able to create plenty of goal chances, that could hurt us.

I agree that a strong Mordor would be good for Leinster and even good for us, but honestly I expect us to win this by 10 points or more.


Murchan O Caroll Philly
Murchan Cooper Lowndes ( Daly)

Gavin / Carthy/ O Conghaile

Basquel McManamon Basquel

Rock O Gara Andrews/Brogan/McHugh/Bugler

And of Course not to mention--------

The team that did not start yesterday.Glad I don’t have to pick a squad-let alone a team

GAA website have the Ulster Final down for 2.00, looks like we are on for 4.00 so.

I reckon the people who think Meath might give us a game didn’t see the first 45 minutes of their match v Laois.

Unless Meath score 3 or 4 goals I think we’ll comfortably beat the 12 point handicap. In fairness to them, they are capable of scoring goals. Conlon 1-on-1 could potentially cause our backs problems, and Newman can hardly play as bad again as he did on Sunday.

Costello’s performance on Sunday has cemented his place in the team. Rock, despite not putting a foot wrong, is now firmly out of the starting team and IMO unlikely (barring injury) to regain his place. A very useful sub of course! Hopefully the injury’s not too bad.

Similarly, let’s hope Cooper’s injury isn’t too bad. If fit, he’ll certainly be back as a starter for the Super8, although hard to pick who’ll lose out.

How can you state categorically that a regular starter for the last few years, who is not available foor selection, is firmly out of the starting team, other lads have done well that is clear, but let’s be honest , we haven’t been playing against top class opposition either, Rock has proven he can do it against the best, I am not saying he will get back in, but at least let him be in contention for a place beforehand.


Agree Rock has proven it against the best , if he doesn’t start I doubt Gavin will over think form against the mighty Carlow or Kildare, some players like Connolly Rory O Carroll Berno in his prime to name a few are un-droppable in fans eyes , for some reason I think there are many would easily throw Deano under a bus not just talking about this site

I think Meaths biggest chance to stay in the game will be to get goals. They do create goal chances, and we have been giving teams chances to get in on goal too, so they could stay in the game if they take one or two of them. Still think we will win well, but could be competitive if they do play well.

Most of their goals coming from midfielders running from deep. We need to have that sorted. Newman has great pace but that’s not what’s been the goal threat.

Keoghan is their creator in chief.Can see Small getting a man marking job ( A la Peter Harte)

any word on lowndes injury ?

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Do you mean …

I was watching them train earlier and he seemed to be going well. Hmm … or maybe it was …

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