Leinster SHC Round Robin Game 4, Dublin vs. Galway, Parnell Park, 15.06.2019, 7 p.m

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Couple of interesting points in that article. Seems Rushe is likely to e back for Galway.


Think Rushe will be needed as a direct threat in that game so great news. Galway looked as though they could be got at against Wexford. even if its just 15 mins at the end he could be pivotal

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Hayes did well enough the last day too though, so its not an easy call. Maybe as you suggest, Rushe for a little while could be the thing.

It is too late for this year, but I do think the Rushe as a full forward thing is too engrained now. He has won All Stars further out the field, I don’t think it should be totally abandoned. I’m not saying he definitely should be at half back - but I am just surprised that it has totally gone as a concept over the last 3 years (and three managers). There is a game I came across on YouTube a while back from Kenny’s first year as manager, against Galway in Parnell Pk, Rushe was CHB and he owned the game.

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Fully agree there was a time where he was outstanding under Daly at CHB. Won everything under the high ball and dominated play. Maybe the game has changed and he can be protected at the highest level inside and be productive where he doesn’t get dragged around by a mobile forward unit.

The thing is for me though, it was a positioning for him that never really went through a bad time for him. So I am not sure how they have come to the idea that it doesn’t work. If it was something that he was good at, but then he started to have a lesser effect, then it would be understandable. But I don’t really remember him having poor form at CHB. He struggled a bit I remember against Maurice Shanaghan in the AI QF one year (he was sent off in the end), but every centrehalf back will struggle a bit against big men.

Again, I am not saying they aren’t correct with the full forward thing, I just don’t understand how it has become there or nowhere so quickly.

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Wonder where he feels he plays his best Hurling

Most of them didn’t make it further than Inchicore

He’s limited agility and mobility to play centre back.

The game has changed a good bit from your traditional number 6 who’d sit there. You now need a mobile middle 8 with plenty of pace which Rushe doesn’t have.
I think this management and previous feel he’s too good of a player to be sitting on the bench.

I’d delete that one Wifi. Just saying

Tickets up on tickets. ie

You could be right

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I agree and I can see the logic. But I just think it hasn’t been proven that he can’t do it. His last games there were decent, so I’d have thought he would at least have been given the chance to fail there.

Thanks. Got sorted.

Would it be better if Galway beat KK on saturday.
They will have then qualified when they play us.Kilkenny can then beat wexford to knock them out .

Our fate is in our hands. If we can’t beat Galway at home when we need to then we’ve really no business progressing.


In one way it’s better, but in another way if they beat Kilkenny it means they are going well and will be harder to beat.

Tickets still available this morning - booked them now to save the trip over to Dorset Street with the Parnell Pass next week. I hope there’ll be a bigger majority of home supporters than was the case against wexford. If everyone who travelled to Carlow last weekend is there, that would be a great start.


Some suggestion on this mornings papers that Canning could be back for our game…

Even if he I back how match fit can he be…if they are rushing him back they must be worried

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Just what i was thinking, hasnt hurled in awhile but then either have galway really.