Major games over the years: A review


Think the whistle incident happened in 2011 against Tyrone


It was definitely 2010 , because I remember watching the highlights back & seeing the look of dismay on Penrose’s face , like wtf . It happened a few times during the match .


Only watched it back last night, a great reminder how good Berno and Connolly were in that game. Plus Dean Rock when he came on.


Best game I’ve ever been to anyway , for pure excitement levels . All the finals were cagey affairs but that one , just excellent .


If you get a chance watch the 2013 Sunday game on youtube with O Rourke Brolly and Spillane. The pre game analysis.
Just shows how far we have come.


Semifinal pre gane analysis.


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Of course, whatever makes it more user friendly. While we’re at it, how do I go about changing my username?
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That game had everything. I remember at the time, when Kerry got their third goal, and with our inferiority complex still hard to shake, that we’d been found out and 2011 was going to go down as a one-off. That game was all about Kerry wanting revenge/Dublin proving 2011 wasn’t a one-off, Jim Gavin’s really brave all-out attacking style, the new players who had come in having to prove themselves in a massive game, and who was going to be crowned top dogs in terms of the best “footballing” side in Ireland. Kerry were so up for it. I even recall that (?)after the game Fitzmaurice admitted he expected Kerry to score five goals because of the way Dublin were playing. He must have thought it was easy about 15 or 20 minutes into the game.

If ever a young lad was going to wilt or Cluxton lose the plot it would be after Kerry have stuck three goals in the first 15 minutes, one of them from a mistake by Cluxton, on a hot summer’s day in a full Croker. Although the style of play eventually had to change, that game set the template for the way this team proved beyond doubt they had truly outstanding composure, courage, and quality of players. Instead of wilting they dug in, and a very inexperienced Paul Mannion stuck a brilliant goal to steady the ship. And of course COS as centre back was born that day too.

With the game level in the 70th minute (only 3 minutes of injury time that day) there was one of what would/had become familiar massive turning points in major games for us: Dec OS had a good chance to put them one up but on the run, turning, and under pressure (and tiring) he put it wide. Time was when those ones were certainties for him, though only against lesser opposition. Then Cluxton hits a long one towards MDMA, who is jumping with two opponents, and doesn’t even get under the ball properly, it breaks and at first looks certain to go to Kerry players but (like on two occasions in the last few minutes of the 2011 final) he reacted so quickly and threw himself full length to get the touch that sent the ball to Kevin.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of that piece of play, which was then followed by Maccer’s greatest ever solo run and shot to win a game. I was right behind it on the Hill. It was the finest moment of so many incredible individual moments in so many games since 2009, IMO. Such a perfect moment, to (for all purposes) win a truly great game that at one point we looked, like so often in the recent past, beaten in. A complete roller-coaster. And thought it wasn’t a final nor on the way to a back-to-back, it was the 1977 semi-final for our times. Only this time we got the better points too! O’Gara’s goal was icing. Dermo’s last point was the finest dessert.

A testament to what was to come in media terms in the following years, the fallout from that game became as much or more about Gooch being the greatest player ever(for 35 minutes) rather than about the game itself or Dublin’s win. As some people have pointed out in the many debates on here about media, all that really matters is we know what happened, and we know, really and truly, how great this team/squad has been, over and over again.

For all the outpouring and wonderfully unexpected and incredibly dramatic late turnaround of the 2011 final win achievement, the 2013 semi-final remains for me the finest moments of the era in a pure footballing sense, and in context of the legacy of the era. Of course the 2016 semi-final pushed it close! However in many ways that game was one-sided other than a freakish few minutes near half-time. More anon.


I still think that passage of play for Diarmos fist waving point at the end was an absolute masterclass from start to finish . Such a fluid run of passing from the backs to the forwards , no fxxking around with endless lateral passing in midfield , just keep it moving . Really was just an incredible game & although you mentioned we might slip into our inferiority complex after conceding those 3 goals , I think I was so hyped up that I didn’t think we’d lose . Still can’t believe Kev’s “point” went in .

4.14 minutes to 4.40


“Mr pestimestic always fearing and tell8ng us why Dublin will lose”.
Is a long user name. :grinning: stick with Al.

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So many massive moments in that last few minutes. Dermo’s free was really difficult and hugely important for several reasons outlined really well by Moloney. It was a huge pressure kick. People should play the famous kick-out again over and over, to see how unlikely it was that we came out of it with the ball, let alone got one of the greatest ever game-winning goals from it. I still feel like we’re not going to win that ball every time I watch it!

I paused and played frame by frame, and as the ball comes down from the kick, three Kerry players are in the best positions to go for it. One of them goes up unchallenged but slightly misstimes it, and must have been distracted by his own player coming in. McCauley was nowhere near the ball but between him leaping in and stretching his arm towards it, and the jumping Kerry player, who couldn’t even see MCauley, they put off the other Kerry player who would have had an easy possession otherwise.

MDMA was then the one who was most aware of the break, and in the best movement/position to get a quick touch. This and his two great interceptions in the last minutes of the 2011 final were as big as anything in the winning of those games. He made another great trademark interception late on in the 2016 semi-final.


Been a basketball player , he would have been proud of that assist to Kev.Just looking again , he had no right to win that ball , it was an error by the Kerry players .


They fooked it up big-time. It also took three of them out of the game! That kickout went over the halfway line, and it wasn’t straight either. Kerry had pressed up all day as Moloney says, so it wasn’t just a hit and hope, it was to get over the cover, which albeit turned out a lucky break it gave the momentum to us in attack, and the space to run into. Look at O’Gara’s reaction straight after the goal, we call him Crazy Horse etc but instead of going mad celebrating the goal he is telling Maccer to mark the short kickout! Only in gaelic games…


He was the same after scoring against Tyrone in '10 , Bernard went ballistic when he scored . I think keV started that off after his goal in '11 .Doesn’t celebrate , points to his head to suggest don’t lose the composure , we have to keep going .


Yeh spot on, and no triumphalism afterwards. Said he was aiming for the crossbar with the shot. When he got dragged back by the Kerry player just before the end he didn’t go down like many would, nor did he get involved with the ref when AOM dragged him down in the 2015 final. And there he was trying to keep Dermo in order during the Keegan black card incident last year. Fantastic attitude and mentality that is the quiet, unheralded stuff that glues alot of the obvious great stuff together. Every piece essential.