Major games over the years: A review


1st 2001 Game against the Yerras in Thurles just on Eir now. Christ still can’t understand how did Dessie not bury that into the net just before half time. It was easier to score :persevere:


Running joke between my mates that week " there’s only one Darren Homan !"

Ryan & Whelo midfield :sweat::heart_eyes:


Crying shame Whelo never got a Celtic Cross :sob:


Absolute shame . Favourite player for me before the Brogans or DC arrived on the scene . Had a huge gra for Shane Ryan though .


Whelo what a footballer :heart:

Easily my favourite player of that era


Vinnie coming on now :grin:


Tom Carr , Jesus :laughing:


That Tommy Carr moment just on :rofl:


Mad to see Stevo on the sideline .


Jesus, Wayne McCarthy there’s a blast from the past. Last player from Erins Isle to play Senior for Dublin IIRC.


Time to switch it over …


That point :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

He could have tried that another 99 times and might not have got it.


That was an awful free from McCarthy at the end


Whelo could never last 70 minutes … :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


My favorite player of all time. Gutted when he called it a day.


The square in Thurles after the drawn game is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had around a gah match. Possibly the greatest, along with the streets around Croker and the pub after 1983 drawn semi-final (ssshhh, I was only 14, don’t tell ma!)

But what really made it all for me as a great experience was going down the night before, stayed in a very eccentric B&B, and had a great time in the square etc with Miss Macra Na Feirme festival, and the following morning, papers and Hayes Hotel, chatting with West Kerry families alongside gangs of Dubs rising it large with COYBIB. Magic.

Later that evening I was rescued from a night in the gutter by freinds of a mate who found me asleep on the stairs inside Hayes’, and drove me back to civilisation.


Enjoyed the post
Great memories

No 21 was daly, remember it well
That was the ball game


Eir Sport 1 showing the 1983 final at the moment Mullins just been sent off


Not one for purists :joy:


@Wasonthehill83 Quick you’re on Eir…