Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


What was it , 17 years ago leeds got to a Champions League semi final ? Now getting knocked out of the FA Cup by a team in League Two .
At least they have the memories …


Famous then.


FA Cup games not durty enough for yis. My team lost at home to MK Dons, I feel sorry for the shams who pay in to these games


6 games…

From earlier in the season…


Enjoy. Btw, when are yis going to change the name of this thread to insert the word ‘Durty’? :wink:


Ha ha Al. I get ‘Dirty Leeds’ in work and even my Mum - a young 76 year old - refers to them as that. She never forgave Billy Bremner for taking his shirt off in the Charity Shield against Liverpool, at Wembley in 74.

Judging by that performance today, the crest is the least of our worries. Lasogga has shown that he is not what is required which means we have not replaced Wood. Discipline is another big issues - four red cards in recent weeks, and those to some of our most important players. Ayling get injured was a big blow and Jonsson got crocked today - if he is injured, long term, then we’re in trouble.

If we’re to get to the play offs, we need to start winning matches, but the team look to be a in a bad rut, that they can’t get out of.


Jebus Rufus,

Where have you been ?



Out on parole BD!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Forget it. No chance. 8 wins in 22 games. No business even mentioning playoffs


I know, I know. It’s just that a wee run of form would allow my self delusion to gather pace…


I’m just glad there was a purple patch earlier on otherwise I’d be worrying about the other end of the table


Just sacked Thomas Christiansen … he was the head coach/manager!

Not sure what they expect a new guy to do now the transfer window has closed.



Probably shouldn’t come as a surprise but with each manager that gets the road, I have genuine sympathy for. Leeds are not spending the sort of money that is required to make a serious dent in this league. Also feel sorry for the manager given the ridiculous disciplinary problems that are seriously undermining things on the pitch.


A lot of talk that McLaren is being considered for the vacancy. Apparently he was at the match on Saturday in the Directors Box. Would not be my choice. I note that Leeds are now looking for their seventh manager since 2014. Surely whoever comes in must be given some time to try and impose their own style of play / ideas on the team? This constant chopping and changing must surely in itself be linked to the problems it is designed to address.



Paul Heckingbottom

Well, looks like we’ve a new manager. I was hoping for a big name, but this is not quite what I had in mind. :roll_eyes:


How many managers have Leeds burned through in the last 5 years ?


Last five, I’m not sure, but he is our seventh since 2014.




Well we’ve tried everyone else!! :roll_eyes: