Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


Not quite everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


The way Leeds go through managers I wonder where he’ll be by the start of next season? (Don’t bother unpacking Paul!)


Decent comeback yesterday and a draw was probably a fair result. It was was a game we could’ve won in the last minute but equally were so bad in the first half, should’ve lost.

Shocking defending for the two Bristol goals and Leeds really need to find a decent keeper


True, that keeper would strike terror into anyones heart… Unless you support the opposition…


As Bart will testify, I know fook all, but even I have been saying since last Autumn that we need a new keeper. It really should have been addressed in January. Given the mistakes yesterday, I’d imagine Lonergan will in nets next for the trip to Derby on Wednesday.

This time last year, our two keepers were Rob Green and Marco Silvestri - by no means world beaters, but unquestionably better than what we have now.


You could do worse.


Unfortunately not… :cry:

I don’t know where they got Lebrock the left fullback from but they should give him back, he had a shocker!! … The actress Kelly Le Brock could’ve played better!!


Apparently he arrived into the club to fix the gas boiler. He was asked his name, said Lebrock and after a heap of misunderstandings was handed the number 3 position …


3-0 defeat away to Boro and lucky to get away with only three!!!
Leeds were awful and it was mistake after mistake.

1st goal - Cooper fails to clear the ball
2nd goal - yet another error from Wiedwald who masquerades as a goalkeeper
3rd goal - error by Jonson plays Bamford onside, who goes on to claim his hat-trick.

Leeds 1st shot on target came in the 86th minute

Live again on TV on Wednesday v Wolves … could be a horror show


I read somewhere where that we have already shipped 46 goals this season and we shipped 47 in total last season. I am convinced that we had two better goalkeepers last year than we have had this year - Green and Silvestri were better than Wiedwald and Lonergan. I think questions have to be asked about this cowboy Victor Orta, who is overseeing this demise. The team has gone backwards and at an alarming rate.


Leeds United branded ‘disgraceful’ after announcing Myanmar tour


As if there wasn’t enough to give off about already, they go and do something like this. I wonder will it happen, or might pressure be ratcheted up before then for Leeds to pull out.


I’m hearing Bob Geldof is gonna give back his ‘I love Billy Bremner’ badge …


If he’d anything in him, he’d do another Band Aid single to raise transfer funds for the Club - get us out of that poxy league!! :weary:


League One?


Not a bad idea there Rufus, he could then follow up with a concert at Wembley, which the so-called players could attend … probably the only way Leeds players will get to Wembley for quite some time.


Championship is the best league in the UK. Embrace the real football club experience durty folk!


We at least we didn’t get relegated this season … that’s something I suppose!!!


Aye, fair enough BW, but if the league had run from Christmas to now, we’d be gone. Another year gone.


What a screwed up club, despite all the protests, they have just landed in Myanmar today for an end-of-season tour in a country the UN accuses of ethnic cleansing… Radrizzani just hasn’t got a clue … Almost makes me long for the days of Ken Bates