Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


Leeds sack their manager , surprise surprise.


Joke of club seriously. Will never get back up if they keep on sacking managers


Not exactly a surprise, is it. He was appointed in February to improve their chances of making the play-offs and they only won 4 games since his arrival… that was regulation form.

Who knows what hair brain scheme Radrizzani has in mind to replace him? Media chat is hinting at former Argentina boss Marcelo Bielsa. His nickname is ‘El Loco’ , … sounds perfect for Leeds :cry: :cry:


Fifth consecutive season coming up where we have started with a new manager, and the next man will be the tenth since 2014. :persevere:


Bielsa, the guy who inspired Guardiola? Or another Bielsa?


The Bielsa. Some coup.


He was shortlisted for the Real job. These yanks must be pumping serious money in


He won’t last there - he’ll either run or be ran.


Jaysus you lot are as pessimistic as…four Yorkshiremen. Aye, in them days we were lucky to 'ave the price of a cup of tea.


New money men on board. Id expect a different outlook from here on in. The intention the sign one of the best football coaches in the world suggests that. This certainly isn’t a cheap option and id imagine it would break the bank to try and sack him assuming his contract is in line with his previous work


Bielsa as suited to Leeds as the Russian guy was at hulk city. Mad idea really. These guys that own football clubs these days really have no sense at all.


Getting one of the best coaches in the world shows no sense?


Do you really think he s suited to English championship football ? Bielsa flits in and out of clubs and hangs around no more than a season usually. Leeds needs stability and a manager who understands the championship. Bielsa promises more than what he delivers and his cv bears this out. For one of the worlds best coaches allegedly his successes are thin enough. He seems a bit of a headcase imo.


It 's a totally mad idea.

Leeds need somebody along the lines of Mick McCarthy, who knows the Division and has a record for providing long term stability at a club.

Not that I’m recommending him but they could do worse.


But would he put his arse in the bacon slicer?!


Dave Hockaday
Darko Milanic
Uwe Rosler
Steve Evans
Paul Heckingbottom

Are Leeds fans seriously not over the moon at this news looking at that list?


Well he s certainly a step up in the exotic stakes for sure but his record is very patchy for someone so lauded. Does he speak English (does anyone in Yorkshire?), leaves clubs at the drop of a hat , left Lille in a desperate state on and off the pitch , his teams pick up a long injury list due to his style of play. Why compound all the other poor choices with another poor one.


I don’t see it as a poor choice at all. He was shortlisted for the Real Madrid job. He’s a cut above anyone else in the championship. Potchetino had no English at Spurs yet he worked out well enough. Looks like Abel Hernandez is on his way to Leeds too. This could be the start of something special.


So are guti and Raul shortlisted for real job and no management experience there. Think Pochettino s English was far better than he let on. Slavisa jokanovic would have been my choice but now Fulham are in the prem no chance of that.


Been saying that for a while now. McCarthy would be a great choice for them but doubt he’d take it as they probably wouldn’t give him the time.