Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


I thought the story there was when he was at Southampton, his English was fine but he was reluctant to be interviewed in English for fear of something being lost in translation or saying something and having it taken out of context.

He was doing a brilliant job at Brentford. He should have stayed there. Has not lasted very long at any job since, really.


We had the perfect man but like the rest he was got rid off - he’ll be plying his trade in the Premier League next season after yet again winning promotion - goes under the nickname of Colin.


Guti as mentioned above linked with the Real Madrid job( he is their youth team coach) and according to sky the st mirren job. Tough choices to make there !!!


He’s an abhorrent c*nt. But he gets the (promotion) job done.


Looks like mad Marcelo is getting Leeds job. I ll give him till sept before him and Leeds fall out.


September??? You being generous :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The Real left full who can’t defend?


Only on the basis the championship won t start till August so that rules out one thing for him to fall out over till then.


With Leeds he could walk before the season starts when he finds out that he won’t get th emoney to buy players he was promised and some mate of the Chairman decided who to buy!!


Supposed to be a done deal for Abel Hernandez. What a signing. 40k a week too. A different regime at the club now.


Hope Leeds aren’t falling back into bad habits with the high wages. 40k pw is huge for the Championship


Dermo’s getting more in the States … :wink:


They’ve mega rich owners now. Radz is filthy rich. His sports channel has just outbid Sky. Add in the billionaire owners of the San Francisco 49ers and you can be assured the money is there.


Anyone able to clarify what is going on here, i.e. have we come into money? :hushed:

My understanding was the the ‘49ers deal’ was going to add about £15 million to the transfer kitty. Talk of Bielsa and Abel Hernandez on £40k a week suggests much more of an out lay than £15 mill.


I’ve waded in. Say nothing …


Their stake in the club cost 15 million and radz said he wasn’t pocketing that money that he was putting into the transfer fund. But that doesn’t include any money the 49ers owners want to invest themselves. That info will never be released but they were talking about champions league football. Radz is a genius business man too. He knows of Leeds are back in the premier league that the yanks will want the other 90 percent of the club at a much higher cost


Outbid sky for la liga rights in ire and uk. Surprised if that’s mega bucks. Would you not be worried about some of his carry on , tour of Burma for one .


No I don’t see it as any different to premier league, la liga teams etc going on pre-season tours of equally dodgy regimes in the middle East. There was a lot of hypocritical nonsense spouted about Leeds going to Burma.


Fair point there is a lot of hypocrisy in football, dalliances with the Middle East and Russian eh business folk. But that lot pay big big bucks so
Clubs reckon it’s probably worth the few days of media pressure. Just think Burma is odd and wondering if the cash received was worth it.


Think there was one or two rumours of a potential investor out that neck of the woods. In my eyes it’s no different to some of the stuff the elite clubs are up to