Marching On Together - The Leeds Thread


Many many many moons ago there was a jingle that went ‘it’s the Burmah Petrol All Ireland’ early 70s perhaps! Anyone recall??


True , think the German model with fans having a stake is a good one. I know not all German clubs do and some including Bayern want that to change. Fans are the only people loyal to the clubs and they should have a stake in it.


Best get you down to Bohs so. 100 percent fan owned since our inception in 1890. Best way to run a club


You have had more than one scrap with bankruptcy no? I m a pats man so thanks but I m spoken for.


We have. Was reckless behaviour on our part but we were sitting on asset signed off in a deal worth 60 million. Crash came too soon for us unfortunately. But point taken. We don’t all have Kellehers looking after us unfortunately :wink:


Leeds have confirmed Marcelo Bielsa as their new head coach on a two-year deal with an option to extend for a further year.

Will be interesting to see how long Radrizzani gives him and more importantly, how much transfer funds!!


Indeed. More like on a two-month deal with an option to extend for a further month.


More likely a two season deal. Summer and Autumn…


This will be interesting. Kick and rush get stuck in nonsense Yorkshire v 3 day tactical let’s think it through over and over and complicate it bielsa. His teams pick up injuries and fade away due to the energy levels required to play his type of game. Has anyone told him they play 46 games a season. Leeds players should just bring their sleeping bags to training.


Now we know the reason behind Leeds post-season tour of Myanmar … It’s just been announced that Leeds Chairman, Andrea Radrizzani’s Eleven Sports have secured a nine-year global deal for the TV rights of the Myanmar National Football League.

Can’t wait to take out my subscription :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.